Brice Lecoustey
Business and Digital transformation are shaping the customer experience and operating model of your company. I am at your service with my team to advise you on that journey.

Brice Lecoustey

Partner in Consulting services for the Asset Servicing, Commercial and Public sectors

Brice is a Consulting Partner focused on Business transformation enabled by Digital technologies. My role is to support you on that journey to bring you the best of EY in your industry.

Brice is a Consulting Partner with EY Luxembourg and is in particular specialized in Business Consulting, Digital, Strategy and Innovation solutions.

Brice particularly serves clients in the Asset Servicing, Technology, Telecommunications, Automotive, Metals & Mining, Consumer Product Industries, SMEs and Public Sector.

After graduating MBA at Boston College Carroll Graduate Business School in 1997, Brice joined Ernst & Young in 1999 (formerly Arthur Andersen) focusing on the Financial sector and was in charge of the Consulting department at EY Luxembourg for all Commercial, Industry and Private and Public Sector companies after 2012, and now supports all customers in Business and Digital transformation in Luxembourg.

How Brice is building a better working world

"I am helping companies and clients thrive in the Business and Digital transformation by experimenting with new ideas and solutions."

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