A photographic portrait of Gabriel De Maigret
At EY, we offer an effective audit approach that provides value, is adapted to your needs and expectations and results in the guarantee of the quality of your accounting and financial information.

Gabriel De Maigret

EY Luxembourg Audit Assurance Partner, PPD Leader

Over 14 years of experience in commercial and industrial companies and primarily in technology, media and Telecom sectors Gabriel is a qualified chartered accountant in Luxembourg since 2016.

Gabriel led the audits of statutory and consolidated accounts of medium size companies and listed Groups operating in TMT sector and prepared under LuxGAAP and international accounting standards (IAS/IFRS).

Gabriel is responsible for the Network coordination as well as for the audit of the consolidated accounts and quarterly reviews of a large telco FPI, including the analysis of complex technical accounting issues under IFRS and the collaboration with TMT and IFRS experts.

Gabriel  has been exposed to US SEC and PCAOB regulations. He has also developed experience in SOX internal control testing services

Gabriel assisted several clients for capital markets transactions such as bond offerings including as well as for merger operations.

He coordinated the audit of shared service centers on behalf of other EY offices. 

How Gabriel is building a better working world

I am deeply convinced that at EY we do contribute to building a better working world.

EY is not only bringing the trust and confidence required to the financial market but is also working as a true business partners for our client, assisting them on the digital transformation, leading by example and sharing relevant experience to the market...

As a professional I believe I have what it takes to be a great auditor: ethics, technical skills,  professional skepticism, pragmatism, great organization and efficiency skills. But in addition to that I have over those last 14 years also developed what makes our DNA at EY being:

  • true sector knowledge so as to be insightful for my clients
  • a deep involvement in the Luxembourg ecosystem,
  • exceptional client service, being always present for my client in any circumstances
  • a hunter mindset to win in the market
  • a true leader among the teams

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