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The constant (r)evolution of the international and domestic tax landscape has increased the uncertainty taxpayers have to face and has led the Luxembourg Tax Authorities to greatly change the way they operate.

The tax authorities have now an easier and more rapid access to taxpayers’ information thanks to more frequent requirements for disclosure and exchange of information, and technological advancements.

As a consequence, there has been a significant increase in the number of challenges of taxpayers’ filing positions by the Luxembourg Tax Authorities and in the level of disputes resulting from differences in view on the interpretation of tax law. Taxpayers are more than ever being asked to prepare for tax audits and tax controversy.

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Businesses must act so that their people, policies and systems are keeping pace. They need a line of sight into the issues and the potential for future tax controversy as well as a centralized global strategy.

The Tax Controversy Team at EY Luxembourg is specialized in the best practices of tax litigation management, whatever the field of activity. To help companies build a tax policy that is ready for the futures, we are basing ourselves on 3 pillars: the prevention, management and resolution of tax disputes. Our strategy is also adapted to the specificities of each group.

You can find more information about our Tax Controversy Services in the brochure below.

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Tax Risk & Controversy Survey 2023

Why tax governance is key in an era of more tax risk and controversy


Tax governance is becoming a key litmus test as businesses anticipate tax audits to double in the next two years.

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