EY-Blue Yonder Alliance: enabling your supply chain’s full potential

The EY supply chain team is experienced in providing transformative strategies that harness the power of leading technology in the fields of supply chain planning, transportation management and warehouse operations.

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Re-imagine your supply-chain

Ernst & Young LLP (EY) and Blue Yonder have collaborated to deliver successful supply chain transformation projects for our mutual clients, helping to unlock the full potential of their supply chains and enabling smarter, more resilient and future-ready supply chain ecosystems.

From planning to delivering, Blue Yonder’s solutions help to synchronize forecasting and planning to warehousing, transportation and order fulfillment.

As supply chain leaders, you need an intelligent supply chain platform that provides insights and the full power of your data to make strategic decisions across your supply chain. In a rapidly changing business environment, it is key to combine resilience and agility to mitigate disruptions, while remaining customer-centric.

Our partnership with EY continues to grow and delivers success with our mutual clients. We look forward to continuing our strategic partnership and delivering value to our mutual clients.
Wayne Usie
Chief Strategy Officer, Blue Yonder

The EY-Blue Yonder Alliance extends during and beyond the supply chain implementation lifecycle

Together, we provide digital supply chain solutions to global enterprise clients, helping to optimize their operations and provide support throughout their supply chain transformation journey.

How EY teams can help

Collaboratively, we deliver digital transformation and help clients achieve resilient customer-centric supply chains from planning to execution through Blue Yonder’s supply chain management platform.

  • Luminate Platform

    Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform is reimagining how supply chains operate with a next-generation supply chain Data Cloud. The platform gives users easier access to more real-world data and infinite intelligence, enables higher quality decision-making, and delivers faster, more relevant insights by eliminating siloes, accelerating, and simplifying data sharing and making data more actionable. Luminate Platform helps companies better manage the growing complexities from supply disruptions, cost pressures, increasingly volatile customer preferences and proliferation of data. The platform aims to improve the way organizations plan, execute and deliver with greater speed, scale and agility than ever before.

  • Supply Chain Planning

    Blue Yonder’s cognitive planning suite is the next evolution of cloud-native SaaS planning solutions. It is helping businesses realize their performance objectives in this increasingly complex and volatile environment by being aware of critical events and prescribing solutions to manage risks and opportunities in both demand and supply, improving planner productivity and supply chain resilience. Cognitive Planning combines the latest data management technology with Blue Yonder’s proven supply chain planning IP to achieve higher forecast accuracy, accelerate decision-making, increase productivity, and build a more resilient supply chain with fewer resources, resulting in increased revenue, better margins, and higher customer satisfaction. 

    Key capabilities enabled are cognitive demand planning, supply planning, integrated business planning, network design, and factory & production planning.

  • Retail Merchandising

    Blue Yonder’s cognitive merchandising and category management suite powers seamless global commerce with real-time, AI-driven insights that deliver connected, customer-centric supply chains that instantly respond to changes in demand to reduce cost, improve sell-through and increase conversion rates. Blue Yonder helps transform shopper experiences from browse to fulfillment, optimize customer offers, and increase speed and sustainability through intelligent automation that increases revenue and reduces cost-to-serve.

    Key capabilities enabled are space & floor planning, assortment optimization, pricing & promotion, allocation, replenishment, planograms and merchandise financial planning.

  • Supply Chain Execution

    Blue Yonder’s supply chain execution suite is the industry’s first AI/ML-based, interoperable suite from warehousing to resourcing to transportation that enable your business to navigate disruptions, optimize operations, and drive efficiency from first-to-last mile. Blue Yonder is removing silos and transforming traditional point solutions into a connected, composable ecosystem that helps create more flexible, cost-effective, and resilient supply chains with end-to-end visibility and agile decision-making. Blue Yonder helps you seamlessly respond to demand, unifying logistics and fulfillment, optimize transportation, maximize resources, and automate processes so you can recognize disruptions and pivot before they happen and minimize supply chain risk to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

    Key capabilities enabled are transportation modeling, transportation management, carrier collaboration, yard management, load building, warehouse management, warehouse execution, labor management, and control tower.

  • Omni-Channel Commerce

    Blue Yonder’s order management and fulfillment solutions create seamless customer-centric experiences that engage customers, deliver the right product, through the right channel, with the speed and convenience that consumers expect. Blue Yonder’s augmentative, domain-centric microservices deliver performance, scale, and flexibility, allowing businesses to start with what they need today knowing that they can add capabilities tomorrow. This modular architecture can operate independently or seamlessly integrate to provide the rapid time-to-market and performance businesses need to adapt and scale faster to keep pace to gain a competitive edge. 

    Key capabilities include order management, inventory availability, order fulfillment, commits, and returns.

The EY-Blue Yonder team’s experience across 50+ large Blue Yonder global transformations has enabled us to develop highly innovative and configurable digital transformation solution assets that help clients kick start and optimize their transformation journey.

Tackle your biggest challenges and ignite business growth with our immersive, collaborative space and virtual experiences. With the EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub and BlueYonder solutions, innovation is realized through immersive, collaborative space and virtual experiences.

Learn more: EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub 

EY has been recognized with the following awards: 

  • 2022 Blue Yonder Digital Transformation Partner of the Year
  • 2021 Blue Yonder Breakthrough Partner of the Year

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When completing the network study and future state modelling, clients should also look for quick-win opportunities.

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Transformational initiatives are truly driven by business needs and technology is an enabler. 


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