EY–Nokia alliance

EY and Nokia help enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs) unleash the potential of 5G networks, while accelerating their digital and business transformation initiatives.

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EY and Nokia collaborate to drive growth and help capture the 5G opportunities globally, focusing on security and business transformation of new digital technologies across enterprise and telecoms networks.

EY Nokia Alliance Joint Solutions

Emerging digital technologies — the Internet of Things (IoT), industry 4.0, connected products and advanced mobility — are quickly transforming how industries and societies function. Increasing volumes and streams of data flow present new challenges for those controlling, processing and seeking to leverage data. To make informed operational decisions, enable automation and have the right data management, integration, analytics and presentation system and value extraction from data requires not only data capturing capabilities, but also robust connectivity infrastructure. The EY organization, leading in emerging technology consulting, and Nokia, a global innovations leader with their portfolio of networking services, including private LTE/4.9G and 5G deployment solutions across IP, optical and wireless networks, work together to address the management and security challenges relating to emerging digital technologies and the endless data being generated.

  • Cybersecurity for telecom operators, service providers and enterprises

    • Protecting telecommunications, enterprise and public sector clients’ core operations
    • Help managing the cybersecurity challenges created by information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) convergence in the cloud
    • Helping clients manage the cybersecurity risks of implementing 5G, through a comprehensive evaluation and identification of the risks associated with the threats and inherent weaknesses of telecoms infrastructure. The output is a strategic improvement roadmap with tactical actions.
  • Telco and Towerco transformation

    • Assist CSPs and tower companies in digital and business transformation 
    • Help CSPs and telcos to capture and monetize the 5G business-to-business enterprise opportunities
    • Help enable towercos going for active sharing and capitalize on edge computing
    • Support enterprises in maintaining current business continuity, while pursuing transformation
  • Connected manufacturing and smart operations

    • Suggest private networks as a digital foundation for smart factories 
    • Help enable digital transformation for manufacturing operations through a combination of EY smart factory offerings and Nokia’s high-performing private LTE/4.9G and 5G technologies, empowering workforce agility and industrial automation, driving sustainability targets and overall operational efficiency  

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