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Audit services are the bedrock of EY client work and help our EY auditors to serve the public interest by building trust and confidence. Multidisciplinary teams deliver high-quality audits, innovating to provide value and transparency, and offering exceptional client service.

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Evolving and more stringent regulation, digital transformation, competition and the need to enhance trust in capital markets all mean that the audit landscape is being reshaped faster than ever before.

Leading businesses are addressing these issues head on, investing in new technologies and business models to address today’s challenges, all while knowing that the next industry change could be just around the corner.

The nature of the audit and financial reporting continues to evolve alongside this. Audits have become more complex. There are more qualitative disclosures, making the role of professional skepticism and judgment ever more important.

At EY, we are committed to inspiring greater confidence and trust, with a comprehensive understanding of the businesses we audit and enhanced transparency through our audits. We recognize that stakeholders require greater assurance and value from the audit. They rely on our work and insights, as trusted professional advisors, who bring rigor and appropriate perspectives that help inform decision-making. 

We provide consistent audits by assembling the right multidisciplinary teams to address the most complex issues, using a proven global audit methodology and deploying the latest, high-quality auditing tools and technologies. And because we understand that to achieve your potential you need a tailored service as much as a consistent methodology, clients benefit from our sector and subject-matter knowledge, as well as the latest insights from our work worldwide.

We leverage the tax, technology and transaction skills of EY‘s tax, consulting and transactions service lines wherever needed to deliver the highest-quality work. Our global scope and highly integrated structure allow us deliver a consistent level of service and quality worldwide.

We have made significant investments in digital technology and innovation to equip our auditors with the appropriate tools to deliver a digital audit. This reshapes how we look at your organization’s risks and opportunities. It enables us to uncover potential issues and provide greater insights and perspectives, which can lead to new ways of doing business and addressing risk.

Increasingly, the scope, effectiveness and quality of an audit are of far broader interest, and not just to the audit committee and a small number of investors. Audits must deliver stakeholder confidence while standing up to regulatory scrutiny and must, therefore, be carried out with a high degree of quality and efficiency. We strive to provide exceptional client service to every client, regardless of size, scope, structure or sector.

Providing an appropriate audit requires us to take an integrated and broad approach. We do that in a number of ways, both traditional and innovative. Our commitment to EY people, collaboration and team building involves training and deploying the brightest people on every one of our audit engagements. 

Our teams are multidimensional and agile, combining traditional competencies, such as accounting, professional skepticism and teaming, with experience and knowledge in new areas such as analytics automation. We believe that, by working collaboratively with clients, EY people are ideally placed to bring the best of their skills and teamwork to every engagement.

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