Case Study
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Case Study

The client, a state-owned enterprise, is one of the largest oil and gas companies in South East Asia, with a presence in over 50 countries.

EY teams help transform data into actionable insights through Data Platform Services.

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The better the question

The challenge

Deliver a solution to provide a better data quality framework to manage the lifecycle of data.

The client is undergoing a digital transformation journey with its data platforms; it currently uses a multi-cloud analytics platform. Over time, it has collected structured and unstructured data from disparate sources. The current process for managing data quality and governance requires significant resources. As a result, the client engaged EY teams to offer a solution that automates these processes and provides a better data quality framework which would help in managing the lifecycle of data.

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The solution

Engage data professionals to re-engineer and streamline the current manual processes.

An EY team of 55 people, including Data Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Data Architects, Data Engineers and Data Quality Engineers are working with the client to re-engineer and automate the current manual processes, standardizing and streamlining data to adhere to a consistent data governance and a data quality framework.

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The better the world works

The result

The new framework has improved accuracy and consistency in reporting, which has saved time and increased productivity for the business.

This framework will integrate into the client’s existing systems and help enable more efficient data management and analytics by:

  • Improving accuracy and consistency in reporting for the business, particularly in the finance and operations functions
  • Saving time and increasing productivity by reducing manual interventions to fix data issues, a pain point for the client
  •  Improving data latency for end users

As the client continues its data transformation, future engagements will focus on assisting the client to extract meaningful insights from the curated data.