Giva Kuppusamy

GK Aqua Sdn Bhd

Giva Kuppusamy, CEO of GK Aqua Sdn Bhd, founded the business in 2016 to help achieve a green circular economy through biotechnology.

As an aquaculture-focused biotechnology start-up founded in the basement of the founder’s residence, GK Aqua has since transformed into a vertically integrated agritech company with a flagship 1,000-acre project in Pahang. GK Aqua has won the Malaysia Aquaculture Leader Award and Best ASEAN Startup Award and is recognized by Cradle and SME Corp as a promising biotech start-up.

Giva is building a better working world by helping freshwater prawn farmers achieve three times higher yields using monosex production technology. He has created more than 30 jobs for the disadvantaged through the inclusive Malaysian Udang Galah Aquapreneur (MUGA) programme and public-private partnerships with the Malaysian Government. GK Aqua and Agrobank have signed an agreement for the anchor financing of the MUGA programme, which will reduce the entry barrier for aspiring aquapreneurs.

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