Photographic portrait of Mariola Marzouk

Mariola Jolanta Marzouk

Manager, Financial Crime Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Anti-financial crime technology specialist. Subject-matter expertise in trade-based money laundering and fraud. Board Member for a charity that supports vulnerable orphans through higher education.

Mariola is a part of the Financial Services Financial Crime and Forensics team based in the UK.

She has years of experience working with financial institutions on the development of global fraud, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing technologies.

She is also currently conducting her professional doctorate research focusing on evolving UK banks’ measures to manage trade-based money laundering (TBML) risks post Brexit.

How Mariola is building a better working world

Mariola advices financial institutions and the public sector on the best use of technology in mitigating financial crime risks, inclusive of fraud and money laundering. She has spent years researching trade-based financial crimes and became a recognized subject-matter expert. Mariola frequently shares her knowledge at industry conferences and academic seminars with the aim of inspiring a new generation of anti-financial crime specialists.

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