Photographic portrait of Saulius Adomaitis
Energy transition is giving a unique opportunity to the key market players to reshape their asset strategies, innovate and find new ways to engage with their customers and employees.

Saulius Nerijus Adomaitis

EY Global Oil & Gas Leader

Guides oil and gas companies through transformation

Based out of Dubai, Saulius has more than 25 years of experience across the energy and infrastructure sectors. He provides key insights to oil and gas and utility players on the broad transformation and digital enablement of these organizations’ core processes: asset management, as well as customer and employee experience.

How Saulius is building a better working world

Saulius is helping clients in increasing their competitiveness and resilience in light of energy transition — how to better utilize their assets and improve emissions footprint throughout complex supply chains.  

He is also passionate about helping oil and gas companies make the most of the energy transformation. By reshaping their own role, energy companies can unlock new value and help ensure a more sustainable energy future.

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