Complaints and Whistleblowers

The EY Complaints Procedure (PDF in Dutch) deals with the handling of complaints about the professional conduct of an EY employee in the Netherlands. This complaints procedure is primarily intended for complaints from third parties, but our employees can also complain about professional behavior based on this complaints procedure.

Regarding greenhouse gas verifications, you find the procedure for appeals or complaints here. 

The scope of the EY Whistleblower Regulation (PDF in Dutch) is broader and is intended for reporting alleged misconduct. The whistleblower policy explicitly pays attention to the most important obligations arising from the House for Whistleblower Act.

Before using the complaints procedure or the whistleblower procedure, we ask you to check whether you can submit the matter directly to someone from EY.

There are a number of ways to submit complaints or abuses to us. The complaint or report can be made in writing to:

EY, Legal Affairs Department, 
PO Box 2295
3000 CG Rotterdam

Or by e-mail to: