ESG Reporting Managed Services

ESG Reporting Managed Services is an “assurance ready” reporting solution that combines EY experience with the IBM® Envizi™ ESG software suite to empower organizations to report with confidence, accelerate sustainability, and create more value.

Your business challenge

Sustainability performance is integral to business success, but many companies struggle to achieve timely, accurate and reliable Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting. With penalties for non-compliance increasing, and reporting obligations set to expand, organizations must tackle this challenge now.

The ESG reporting solution, part of EY Sustainability Managed Services, is designed to overcome reporting roadblocks such as:

  • Evolving reporting requirements spur a continual need to invest in people, processes and technology.
  • Talent with the right expertise is scarce and expensive.
  • Short-term solutions focused purely on compliance miss opportunities to optimize processes and add long-term value.

Reliance on manual processes increases the risk of inaccurate, inconsistent and untraceable data. 

Solution benefits

ESG Reporting Managed Services is a comprehensive reporting solution that empowers organizations to accelerate sustainability and create value through:

  • Enhanced compliance certainty, that gives Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) the freedom to focus on strategy, knowing all reporting requirements are met.
  • Sustainability embedded across the organization, strengthening all operations, enhancing every decision and creating value across the business.
  • Cost optimization through an enterprise-wide approach that unlocks time and cost savings, while adding long-term value.
  • How EY and IBM are raising the bar for ESG reporting

    ESG Reporting Managed Services is a cost-effective, comprehensive reporting solution that combines the Envizi software suite with EY’s deep domain knowledge and industry experience. It gives organizations everything they need to seamlessly capture, analyze and manage sustainability data, and report with confidence. Key features and functionalities include:

    • Data management: Sustainability data is centrally managed, integrating with third-party, internal and external data sources to give a broad view of sustainability performance.
    • Reporting and analytics: Flexible reporting and visualization tools to meet internal and external requirements for comprehensive ESG reporting and detailed performance insights.
    • Compliance and risk management: Automated compliance monitoring and reporting keeps organizations up to date with regulatory requirements and optimizes compliance.
    • Stakeholder engagement: Engagement and communication tools make stakeholder engagement easy and provide transparency and accountability.

Why EY

The EY organization is a market leader in sustainability, with a team of more than 3,000 professionals. Our deep experience across assurance, data and industries, supports organizations in bridging gaps between sustainability, capabilities and strategy while delivering better business outcomes. 

Alliance relationships

The EY organization’s global alliance with IBM combines the strengths of two industry leaders to help solve our client’s most complex problems. Together, we leverage experience and technologies to deliver an assurance-ready solution that gives clients the confidence to accelerate sustainability and create long-term value.

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