Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risk Managed Services

Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risk (SCCR) Managed Services assesses cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities across your ecosystem — extending beyond third-party assessments. It takes a holistic approach across processes, people, organizations and distributors in the product and services lifecycle.


Your business challenge

Today’s organizations operate within a fast-moving and expanding supply chain ecosystem. Constant cyber threats and attacks make it more difficult to protect data across the entire supply chain – organizations simply can’t manage this risk alone. Supply Chain Cybersecurity Managed Services, part of EY Cybersecurity Managed Services, is a holistic, connected approach designed to address a more turbulent cyber environment:

  • Attackers are becoming more sophisticated, targeting weak links across an expanded attack surface and evolving threat landscape.
  • High-profile breaches have bigger impacts, destabilizing operations and undermining public and investor trust.
  • A lack of visibility of suppliers’ access to data makes it hard to identify and mitigate risk.
  • Advancing technology makes investment in cybersecurity solutions unsustainable.


Solution benefits

SCCR Managed Services gives organizations a 360-degree view of the cybersecurity risks across their supply chain, helping mitigate data breaches and improve overall security posture. It provides:

  • Access to leading cybersecurity technologies through EY teams’ extensive alliance ecosystem
  • Cost certainty with built-in flexibility – giving organizations the cyber capabilities they need now and the flexibility to scale quickly in the future
  • Confidence to focus on innovation at scale, knowing malicious activity across the data ecosystem is identified and disrupted before operations are affected


Solution features and functionality

SCCR Managed Services leverages the world’s leading cybersecurity technologies to build resilience across the entire supply chain. By providing a single view of overall suppliers’ footprint and access to data assets, it gives organizations the power to more accurately quantify risks, assess their severity, manage and reduce threats and respond at speed. The solution includes:

  • Clear inventory of supplier and cyber risk including information about suppliers’ access to apps, systems, platforms and data, as well as current security postures
  • Map of supplier access to data, based on the supplier risk inventory, triggered through the supplier onboarding and offboarding process
  • Active assessment of security posture through ongoing technical reviews of all active suppliers to ensure connections and configurations meet security standards


Why EY

SCCR Managed Services provides business leaders with the cyber intelligence and confidence to embrace the potential of ecosystems to innovate and add value. It’s part of EY Cybersecurity Managed Services – transforming cybersecurity investment into a strategic business enabler that creates competitive advantage.

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