Threat Exposure Management (TEM) Managed Services

Threat Exposure Management (TEM) Managed Services is a holistic cybersecurity solution that manages an organization’s exposure to cyber threats and risks, to better protect the business and underpin secure digital transformation.

Your business challenge

As organizations expand their digital footprint, their exposure to cyber risk grows. Keeping on top of threats across all environments – IT, OT, IoT and the cloud – is critical but simply too difficult for most companies to manage on their own. Threat Exposure Management (TEM) Managed Services is part of EY Cybersecurity Managed Services, designed to help clients navigate a more turbulent cyber environment:

  • Sophisticated attackers are targeting the weakest links across an expanded attack surface.
  • Organizations need end-to-end, “always on” threat protection across a growing technology infrastructure.
  • High-profile breaches are more likely to destabilize operations and undermine public and investor trust.
  • Talent to maintain and mature resilient cyber operations is scarce.

Advancing technology makes investment in in-house cybersecurity solutions unsustainable. 

Solution benefits

TEM Managed Services identifies, detects, reacts and responds to information security threats and vulnerabilities across the environment, to reduce cyber risks and business disruption. It delivers:   

  • Enhanced protection and faster recovery from cyber incidents through rapid response strategies that mitigate the risk of reputational damage and regulatory exposure
  • Optimized cybersecurity investment, through a simplified, streamlined approach to accelerating and maintaining cyber systems and improving operational efficiency
  • Digital integrity to build trusted relationships with customers, regulators and ecosystem partners  

Solution features and functionality

TEM Managed Services integrates world-leading end-to-end processes, governance and technology to discover, monitor, track and remediate cybersecurity vulnerabilities across all environments. The solution includes:

  • Cyber risk quantification, mitigation and exception handling
  • Asset discovery and management across known and unknown environments, with a strong focus on internet-facing infrastructure
  • Holistic identification of security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across all layers of technology and infrastructure
  • Identification of common challenges across siloed functions and business units
  • Metrics-based executive reporting that prioritizes remediation activities for continuous improvement
  • Custom integration and automation capabilities 

Why EY

TEM Managed Services transforms cybersecurity investment into a strategic business enabler. By building a strong cyber culture and a proactive approach to cyber threats, leaders are empowered with the intelligence and confidence to progress digital transformation and innovation that adds value. 

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