Photographic portrait of Ana Salcedas
Never before there is a need to innovate and reinforce trust and confident on the financial services sector.

Ana Salcedas

EY Portugal Financial Services Managing Partner

Ana Salcedas was responsible for building the Financial Services Team in Portugal and Angola. Mother of two girls and she is passionate on travelling and knowing new people and knowing new people.

Areas of focus Audit
Office Lisbon, PT

Ana is the head of FSO at EY Portugal. Her areas of experience include banking and insurance business risks, Portuguese regulatory requirements and internal control and risk management best practices.

Ana is experienced in coordination and execution of audit and advisory engagements for several entities in Banking, Asset Management and Insurance sectors in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.

How Ana is building a better working world

“Financial Services is a key sector for the economy. Ana works closer with EY clients to help them effectively succeed and achieve innovative and greater results in a challenging world. EY is committed in creating a more inclusiveness and trustful financial services industry.”

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