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Featured The CEO Imperative: How can you put regeneration at the heart of creating value? 16 Dec 2022
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    Transformation Realized

    How do you harness the power of people to double transformation success?

    EY teams and the University of Oxford explore the emotional cost of failed transformations and what it takes to get them right.

    20 Oct 2022 Errol Gardner

    Technology leader's agenda

    The CIO Imperative: How does technology underpin ecosystem transformation?

    Ecosystems play a critical role in accelerating transformation and maximizing value; CIOs must shape the tech strategy to drive success.

    2 Dec 2022 Greg Sarafin


    Four actions for law departments to address supply chain ESG risk

    Law departments need to be proactive in taking steps now to identify and mitigate sustainability risk in supply chains.

    1 Dec 2022 Kasia Klaczynska Lewis

    Strategy by EY-Parthenon

    How consumer-facing companies can speed-up, as economies slow down

    A recession is coming, and consumer and retail companies that can take it as an opportunity to innovate are likely to emerge stronger. Learn how.

    7 Dec 2022 Jim Doucette


    Top 10 risks for telecommunications in 2023

    As the telecoms industry strives to stay resilient through challenging times, we examine the top 10 risks facing operators.

    30 Nov 2022 Tom Loozen

    Six actions to help governments achieve data centricity

    Backed by emerging technologies, governments must act now to develop a data-centric approach that helps deliver long-term value for citizens.

    1 Dec 2022 Arnauld Bertrand

    EY Sustainable Finance Index 2022: How to put ESG back on track

    Financial services reaffirm their commitment to sustainability by focusing on social parameters; addressing governance gaps will be crucial.

    1 Dec 2022 Gill Lofts


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