Photographic portrait of Yoichi Ohira
Indirect taxes, particularly customs duties, are often hidden within COGS and cannot be seen, but the managed amount is often larger than that of direct taxes. So it’s wise to keep an eye on it.

Yoichi Ohira

EY Japan Indirect Tax Leader

Providing practical, results-oriented services that companies can immediately put into action.

As the EY Japan Indirect Tax Leader, Partner, Yoichi helps manage EY Customs and Global Trade, Consumption Tax and Outbound VAT/GST services.

Having managed global indirect tax in industry for more than a decade, he has extensive experience leading indirect tax planning projects for multinational companies, including designing and assisting in implementing supply chain strategies around free trade agreements, customs valuation planning, utilization of indirect tax relief measures and VAT/GST/JCT optimizations.

He works across sub-service lines to provide multidisciplinary services such as customs and transfer pricing harmonization, SCM improvement and due diligence/post-merger advisory.

A frequent contributor to various Japanese publications on indirect tax matters, Yoichi is also a lecturer on indirect taxation at Keio University's Law Faculty and Waseda University Graduate School of Accountancy. He earned a BA in Law from Keio University, Japan.

How Yoichi is building a better working world

In an ever more uncertain world where forces for trade protectionism and free trade are constantly colliding, Yoichi helps clients navigate through the uncertainty. He does this by increasing trade visibility through the use of analytics tools, reducing indirect tax costs in clients’ global supply chains through various planning ideas and improving access to emerging markets by providing local insights, which all helps to bring products at affordable prices to end consumers around the world.

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