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Operational Technology Management

EY teams bring strategic acumen and knowledge across technology, cyber risk, IT infrastructure and application management to identify the core components of an organization’s IT/OT and security transformation.

A smarter offering for a new production environment

Continuous digitalization and progressive interconnectivity of the production environment is paramount to capturing value from the current industrial revolution. Yet at the same time, heightened integration and convergence is exposing every organization's critical infrastructures and operational technology (OT) environments to cybersecurity threats of greater magnitude and sophistication. 

To seize the opportunities presented by this next wave of manufacturing digital transformation while also protecting against its risks, organizations require new, scalable offerings that make their OT management model more agile, automated, and service-oriented.

How EY can help 

The EY — ServiceNow Operational Technology Management offering combines the leading Now technology platform with the unrivalled strategic and delivery knowledge of EY teams to support your organization during IT/OT/IoT transformation and cybersecurity programs. 

The offering helps industrial organizations and OT asset owners transform OT service delivery and security operations to deliver:

  • Better governance of OT and underlying infrastructure
  • Improved OT lifecycle management
  • More effective OT security
  • Superior service management
  • Smarter risk management

Our service approach

The EY — ServiceNow Operational Technology Management offering focuses on core strategic components of your organization’s IT/OT and security transformation to maximize value creation.

Tailored value creation

Our value-led approach is specifically designed for OT Asset owners and tailored to your organization’s individual needs:

Specific to your OT environment

Our offering brings OT industry knowledge to both OT asset management, OT service management and OT security management.

Adapted to IT and OT organizational complexity

Our OT transformation capabilities can support and help accelerate organizational change and adapt the operating and service delivery model to the future OT, IT, security and supporting service organizations

Jump-start OT service management

We bring our proven service management experience and real examples of OT service catalogues to provide a full management advisory and accelerate the new OT and engineering experience for the factory of the future.

Sustain your OT security program

We provide an appropriate capability and proved OT security framework to build next generation OT security services. We equip OT engineers and security analysts with tools, processes and workflows to orchestrate identification, detection, protection and response to cybersecurity incidents. 

Engage IT and OT people to drive change

We transform IT/OT organizations keeping people at the center of this change while engaging with IT, security and OT engineers to make the change with EY clients not to EY clients.

Added value

The EY — ServiceNow OT Management offering is complemented by an extensive suite of innovations that can help deliver additional value to your organization.

  1. OT asset discovery and continuous monitoring accelerators — Support in design, help in implementation and integration of leading industrial OT asset discovery offerings
  2. Dedicated OT CI classes and production line relationships — Define and adapt the data model to best represent your organization's OT environment
  3. Reference OT security service catalogue and process framework — Help accelerate the implementation of new processes with a reference OT management framework
  4. OT target operating model transformation — Adapt and sync future IT/OT organizations using the EY OT target operating model transformation approach


  • Introduces increased visibility of OT systems, assets and configurations
  • Helps accelerate OT asset discovery and data quality assurance for OT configuration items
  • Provides dedicated OT-specific data model to reflect your organization’s OT environment
  • Provides OT service management implementation to support IT/OT convergence and new operating model for OT
  • Supports OT security sustainment and governance by integrating them into change and service request processes and workflows 
  • Increases OT systems availability through improved response and recovery
  • Reduces operating costs through the elimination of redundant processes and resources
  • Increases monitoring and control over distributed operation

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