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Featured Four ways to put your purpose to work in 2021 10 Nov 2020
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    How Biden’s election victory will affect tax and trade globally

    As the US welcomes a new President, what are the potential tax implications for the multinational entities that do business in America?

    8 Nov 2020 EY Global

    Trusted Intelligence

    How to harness the power of trust and data

    Data and technology have disrupted our world – but a lack of trust could halt their potential. There are ways to free businesses to move forward.

    9 Nov 2020 Marco Vernocchi


    How can the CFO evolve today to reframe finance for tomorrow?

    CFOs should put finance at the heart of long-term value reporting, inspire an open finance function and elevate emotional intelligence.

    3 Nov 2020 Myles Corson


    Will HR transformation be the thread that ties value to experiences?

    Your future people function should operate horizontally across your organization to activate experiences that drive long-term value. Here’s how.

    1 Oct 2020 Danny Ferron

    Can your strategy pivot faster than the speed of change?

    As businesses look beyond the COVID-19 crisis, yesterday’s rules for developing long-term strategy no longer apply.

    23 Sep 2020 Juan Uro

    Future Consumer Index: How to capture the real e-commerce opportunity

    The EY Future Consumer Index on behavior and sentiment identifies the scale, scope and stickiness of the deep pivot to online shopping.

    22 Oct 2020 Kristina Rogers

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    Liz Fealy

    EY Global and Americas Future of Work Solutions Leader and EY Global Workforce Advisory (WFA) Leader


    How does a stronger workforce drive a stronger recovery?

    Can reopening your workplace help you reimagine your future?

    Liz Fealy
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    The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

    We have been learning from and working with the world’s fastest-growing entrepreneurs and middle-market companies through the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ award program for over 30 years. So we know that focusing on a broad set of capabilities can accelerate and deliver sustainable growth.


    We've taken that knowledge to develop the EY 7 Drivers of Growth so we can help all businesses with high-growth aspirations gain that broad focus and successfully execute their growth strategy over the long term.

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