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Million people bring at least one million ideas. Various points of views, different perspective, and fresh thinking allow us to pick out new ways and innovative solutions. Experience the power behind crowdsourcing.

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EY has announced that it has acquired MillionYou. MillionYou is the first company in Europe dedicated to the power of crowdsourcing, open innovation, and smart cities. New competencies and technological solutions will help our customers provide their customers with unique solutions, employees, or suppliers based their needs, thanks to ideas co-created with them. MillionYou, as EY Crowdsourcing, is now part of EY Poland.


Crowdsourcing allows companies to engage a wide group of people in a specific activity. It allows them to obtain more information, knowledge, or content than with the traditional model of delegating tasks to a small specialized team. Thanks to crowdsourcing, we offer a flexible, efficient, and scalable solution that helps fulfill the needs of many organizations by delivering measurable results.

  • Dedicated expert networks

    Client-dedicated groups of experts with specific competences, capable of undertaking tasks of varying difficulty on an online platform.

    Dedicated, goal-oriented expert groups carry out specific tasks. They can rely on information collection, data processing, document analysis or digitization, or preparation of working papers. Depending on the customers’ needs, we select a defined group of users that have the competences necessary to achieve the specified objective. Expert networks allow companies to complement their existing teams with specialized project resources or to acquire new skills from the market.

    Key benefits:

    • gain market information efficiently
    • act based on current market information
    • acquire specific expert skills
  • Cooperation with consumers

    A multi-stage process of engaging local consumer communities in developing innovative solutions and generating new ideas for brand development.

    A multi-stage process of community collaboration aimed at developing novel solutions or obtaining innovative ideas. Working with the brand, it is possible to include current customers or target groups directly in product development or testing and creating communication campaigns. Platform users can work on products before their launch in a brand-safe environment, share their ideas for creative content, and co-create brand communication campaigns before large expenditures in advertising are incurred.

    Key benefits:

    • develop a close and engaging cooperation with consumers
    • optimize advertising expenditure
    • gain valuable ideas and insights from hundreds of people in the target group


  • Talent search

    An open recruitment reaching out to a wide audience of potential candidates and verifying their competences in practice.

    The tool corresponds to the changes in the labor market. It allows companies to reach people with specific competencies or defined skills and builds engagement. Talent Search is a platform that helps identify talents and reaches out to experts in an attractive, customized, and efficient manner which is difficult to achieve in the traditional recruitment process.

    Key benefits:

    • create a process that attracts selected people to companies
    • verify competences and skills of specific users prior to their employment
    • create an opportunity for users to compete with real business challenges


  • User-generated video content for brands

    A creative community that produces films and scripts resulting in highly engaging content with viral potential and engaging consumers.

    This results in highly-engaging, fresh content with viral potential for consumers. Companies get access to thousands of talented creative individuals and teams in Poland. Thanks to economies of scale and continuous cooperation, we have built a community of artists, filmmakers, designers, and authors, which we wouldn’t be able to reach using traditional production processes. During the process, we actively engage creators, moderate the submitted content, and give them guidance. We provide our clients with authentic and original content and consultation. We are responsible for the entire process, including copyright transfer, providing our clients with ready-produced content.

    Key benefits:

    • create a large amount of authentic content in any form (video, graphics, and text) with high viral potential
    • develop genuine community involvement in brand communication
    • identify the real needs and gather insights about the product or brand perception by consumers


  • Public participation platforms for citizens

    Engaging citizens in social consultations, proposing city changes and submitting public participatory budgeting projects.

    The platform allows civic engagement of residents in proposing solutions and ideas for change in the cities and in local authority developments. This combines the technology and philosophy of civic engagement in solving local issues. Our projects aim to build a community of active citizens. We use the creativity and knowledge of the local community, attracting residents’ ideas for solving local problems, and providing solutions on how to improve the functioning of certain areas within the city and its institutions. The spectrum of activities with civic engagement relies both on the online platform and a range of supporting activities offline. The solution is based on a modular structure, which allows it to be tailored to the needs of the client. We are responsible for the whole process from involving residents in the challenge design, analyzing results, and developing recommendations. The process is designed to reach the specific goals and needs of local government.

    Key benefits:

    • enable citizens to engage in dialogue with the administration
    • streamline innovation and information flow from local communities to government
    • build the image of a government open to the ideas of residents


  • Engagement of employees in innovation

    Taking advantage of the organization's collective know-how, identifying talents, and increasing worker performance.

    Employee engagement allows the integration of teams within the company, ignites innovation at all levels of the organization, and also helps identify talents and increase employee efficiency. The internal platform allows employees and business partners to collaborate on the challenges faced by their business and to find solutions to real problems. We develop long-term employee engagement program, in which the employees are faced with tasks of varying difficulty. Employees are the closest environment of experts and company ambassadors. Thanks to the application of crowdsourcing and open innovation, it is possible to increase their motivation and use their know-how. By enabling employees to share ideas and opinions, our clients create a transparent environment in which employees collaborate to solve their company’s challenges. This solution allows companies to benefit from the potential of their employees, introduces variety to everyday work, and builds relationships among the teams.

    Key benefits:

    • harness the power of internal resources to generate innovative ideas and solve key business problems
    • build engagement and relationships among employees
    • uncover hidden talents in organizations


  • Engaging stakeholders in CSR activities

    Using innovative solutions to engage different groups: employees, consumers, volunteers, in implementing corporate social responsibility.

    This solution allows the involvement of various stakeholders - employees, consumers, partners, volunteers - in corporate social responsibility activities. Crowdsourcing plays a significant role in raising awareness and increasing involvement in CSR. The essence of CSR activities is to reach stakeholders and provide them with support in the areas that are important to them. In this sense, crowdsourcing is a tool to effectively reach stakeholders, gather their opinions and ideas, and involve them in final implementation. It allows community inclusion in deciding what kind of projects will be implemented and what institutions and beneficiaries will benefit from them. CSR projects carried out in this manner are extremely effective, because the authors and contributors of the ideas are also brand ambassadors. This opens up scope for further effective PR activities. We build specialized communities that share their knowledge, ideas, experiences, and historical testimonies.

    Key benefits:

    • gather ideas and engage various stakeholders
    • build communities genuinely engaged in the project
    • support promotional activities


We offer support at every stage of the project

  • Strategic consulting
  • Community management
  • Technology
  • Legal support
  • Content marketing
  • Results analysis and recommendations

Depending on your needs, crowdsourcing helps effectively engage various communities. Clear objectives and carefully selected participants allow users to effectively carry out a variety of tasks and projects on dedicated Internet platforms.

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