European Digital Map

European Digital Map

Europe recognizes both the potential as well as the threats associated with the increasing digitalization of our lives.

The EU bodies make efforts to ensure Europe is a safe place, free of fake news, in which both personal and non-personal data are effectively protected. At the same time, these bodies struggle that the high level of the citizens’ protection does not stop European innovativeness. Having in mind the above, the EU Commission has announced the strategy for the European Digital Decade which results in consequential adoption of legal acts that compliment the already existing regulations of the digital sphere.

EY Law's mission is to prepare enterprises and, above all, entrepreneurs for the ongoing and upcoming digital changes. Therefore, we will explain all the rights and principles related to the European Digital Decade on an ongoing basis.

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Wpływ Europejskiej Dekady Cyfrowej na biznes

How does European Digital Act affect business?

Act on data
(Data Act and Data Governance Act)
enable easier secondary use of public data and use of data between entities

Artificial Intelligence Act 
requires fair, safe and non-discriminatory AI as well as setting up documentation that will ensure these principles are continuously followed 

Digital Markets Act
requires gatekeepres (very large platforms) to ensure fair access to data to other entrepreneurs and enable the to develop compatible services

Digital Services Act
is aimed at ensuring that platforms delete illegal content

Omnibus Directive
is aimed to ensure transparency on prices and their changes for Internet users

Digital Operations Resilience Act
should ensure digital security of the financial sector

is supposed to regulate the Internet privacy in a complex manner, including consent in the digital world

How EY Law can help

You are not sure how the new health data access regulations apply to your business? You think you will be subject to data sharing obligations or will have to ensure data interoperability?

EY Law experts invite you to deep dive sessions where they will :
  • introduce you to the scope of obligations under the draft Regulation on the European Health Data Space,
  • , listen to what areas of your organization may be covered by the new regulations
  • show you how to prepare for the new regulations.

EY Law will also prepare the necessary memorandums, sets of procedures and instructions to ensure your organization's compliance with the upcoming Regulation.

You think you can benefit from other entities being required to share data? You are conducting research that could develop using such data?

EY Law experts invite you to deep dive sessions where they will:
  • explain the range of rights you can exercise to obtain useful information 
  • listen to how you want to use them
  • help assess whether the planned use of data is possible 
  • and point out the necessary legal grounds.

EY Law experts will also help you prepare the necessary procedures and requests to the organizations holding the data - so that your organization can make the best use of the new opportunities arising from the upcoming European Health Data Space Regulation. 

Wondering how much the Data Act regulations apply to your organization? Concerned about your obligation to share data with users and allow them to make a smooth transition to a new provider? Want to make sure your service regulations for smaller businesses are compliant with the Data Act?

EY Law experts invite you to deep dive sessions where they will provide an overview of the scope of obligations under the draft Data Act and how to prepare for the new regulations.

EY Law will also prepare the necessary opinions, sets of procedures and instructions to ensure your organization's compliance with the upcoming Data Act and will check and introduce necessary changes to the terms and conditions that you use.

You think your organization may benefit from the reuse of public sector data? Not sure what new opportunities the Data Governance Act brings in this regard, but would like to learn about them and take advantage of them?

EY Law experts invite you to deep dive sessions where they will introduce you to the range of opportunities for reusing public sector data and what steps you would need to take.

EY Law experts will also prepare the necessary applications and letters, as well as procedures so that your organization can obtain and legally use public sector data.

Considering providing data brokerage services in your organization? EY Law experts will prepare for you complete information on what requirements you need to meet, as well as help you prepare and implement the necessary procedures and make the necessary registrations.

Find out what requirements the upcoming Data Governance Act will bring in this regard.

Unsure if your ogranization is a very large online platform and what responsibilities that entails? Wondering if your procedures and practices comply with the upcoming law?

EY Law experts will assess your status under the Digital Markets Act. Our experts also invite you to deep dive sessions, where they will introduce you to the scope of your obligations under this Act and show you how to prepare for its entry into force.

EY Law experts will also prepare the necessary procedures, analyze the processes, check and make the necessary changes to the terms and conditions, and train employees so that your organization is compliant with the obligations coming due to the draft Digital Markets Act. 

You think your business can benefit from the major very large online platforms’ new responsibilities under the Digital Markets Act? Do you want to start planning to use digital advertising data or develop products compatible with the environment of such platforms?

EY Law experts also invite you to deep dive sessions where they will introduce you to the scope of the upcoming rights under the Digital Markets Act, listen to what your goals and objectives are and show you how to achieve them effectively and legally.

Don't know if your platform is operating in line with the requirements arising from the implementation of the Omnibus Directive and if the terms and conditions you use are in compliance with it? Do you operate in different countries in Europe and want an efficient review of all your websites?

EY Law experts will audit your websites, internal processes, procedures and terms and conditions and identify where changes are needed. We will also prepare necessary changes and procedures where we find gaps or inconsistencies. We operate internationally and can efficiently and quickly audit multiple countries where you do business, while saving your time and money by efficiently coordinating work across multiple countries and presenting the results together.

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Do you operate in the financial sector and expect your organization to be covered by DORA? Unsure of the implications and how to ensure compliance with the upcoming regulation?

EY Law experts have extensive knowledge of DORA requirements and are working on guidance for the financial sector. Together with EY Consulting experts, we can answer any questions you may have about your obligations under DORA and provide practical advice. If necessary, we will review your organization's procedures and practices and suggest as well as help implement necessary changes. 

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No. 06 - 07/2023

Topics discussed: IP - Amendments to the civil procedure – interim relief in IP cases / IT - The European Union’s strategy regarding Web 4.0 and virtual worlds / Cybersecurity - New modifications in the Cyber Resilience Act proposal / Data protection - The EU-USA decision on adequate level of personal data protection / E-commerce - Proposed new requirements for contracts for financial services concluded at a distance

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No. 04 - 05/2023

Topics discussed: IT - The European Parliament has adopted the content of the regulation of AI / Cybersecurity - Implementation of the NIS2 Directive in Poland - key business challenges / Data protection - Update on the activities of the European Data Protection Board / E-commerce - Explanations of the President of the OCCP on price reductions - selected issues / Legal Alert – Protection of business secrecy

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No. 03/2023

Topics discussed: Intellectual property - Unitary patent protection in Europe / IT - European Data Protection Board report on the use of cloud services by the public sector / Cybersecurity - New rules on abuse of electronic communications / Data protection - Right of access to one's own data / E-commerce - Work continues on new directive on liability for defective products 

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No. 02/2023

Topics discussed: Intellectual property - ChatGPT is taking popularity by storm! / IT - a few words about the Chip Act / Cybersecurity - What is the DORA Regulation? / Data protection - a report and checklist on informing users about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) / E-commerce - UOKiK examines how entrepreneurs have complied with regulations arising from the Omnibus Directive / GDPR - Sectoral control plan 2023 

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No. 01/2023

Topics discussed: Intellectual property - Copyright infringement of computer games / IT - European Union regulates artificial intelligence / Cybersecurity - an overview of NIS 2 obligations / Data protection - a draft decision to recognize an adequate level of protection for personal data in the US / E-commerce - Consumer protection - what is changing from 1 January 2023? / Review of the UOKiK's December activities

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No. 12/2022

Topics discussed: Intellectual property - NFT and intellectual property law / IT - The Cyber Security Certification Scheme for Cloud Services / Cybersecurity - Statement on the cyber security activities of insurance and reinsurance undertakings / Data protection - the deadline for SCC exchange for data transfers/ E-commerce - Digital Markets Act / Legal alert on Cloud and Cyber - The regulatory tsunami is unleashed

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No. 11/2022

Topics discussed: Intellectual property - Copyright to a work created by AI / IT -Digital Services Act / Cybersecurity - Cyber Resilience Act - Another EU response to cyber threats / Data protection -Lessons from another breach at tech giant / E-commerce - The Omnibus Directive - a revolution in e-commerce

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