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okEY tester: NIP module enables taxpayers to automatically verify all their suppliers in terms of VAT registration on the White List and in the VIES database.

The introduction of the obligation for taxpayers to send monthly JPK_VAT files (Standard Audit Files) to the Head of the National Tax Administration has made it possible for tax authorities to verify monthly VAT settlements, including without limitation whether the suppliers disclosed in such JPK files for VAT purposes are in fact active VAT taxable persons.

Therefore, the automation of the process for identifying entities which are not active VAT taxable persons is an extremely important element of the monthly process of preparing VAT records, especially in the case of taxpayers who purchase goods or services from dozens or hundreds of entities each month. Early identification of entities which have been removed from the VAT register enables companies to correct their VAT settlements in a timely manner and avoid penalties or the need to provide additional clarifications to tax authorities.

Use okEY Tester: NIP module is a simple and effective way to automatically check your Company’s counterparties regardless of how many of them there are. Retain the right to deduct VAT from purchase invoices – choose a proven solution.

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