John Trustman
Strategy remains all important. Execution and luck can make or break strategy, but not reliably. While strategy evolves, the core remains the same, and applies in business, war and even gaming.

John W. Trustman

EY-Parthenon Executive Director

Strategist. Innovator. Technologist. Husband and father.

Areas of focus Strategy and Transactions
Office Dallas, US

John leads the development and deployment of Full Potential Paradigm™ (FPP), a strategic framework he worked on with EY-Parthenon’s founder, Bill Achtmeyer. For 30 years, FPP has been helping CEOs to set viable and stretch goals for revenue growth, operating margin and market valuation.

With concentrations in health care, financial services and consumer products, his 40 year career spans considerable work in strategy, innovation and technology.

In addition to his consulting experience, he has held senior management positions at health care and financial services companies. He holds patents in a number of areas ranging from natural language processing to movement disorder diagnosis and brainwave analysis.

John earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Architecture from Yale University.

How John is building a better working world

“In today’s fast paced world, finding solid ground for clear, objective decision making is both more difficult and even more critical than it has ever been. At EY-Parthenon, my efforts are focused on finding the right data and frameworks to help business leaders gain the insight and clarity they need to make better decisions, to serve their customers, transform their businesses and achieve their full potential.”

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