Photographic portrait of Danny Ferron
In an age where culture is a broad matter, workforce planning and development are paramount, skills are king and disruption is the new normal, there has never been a better time to be an HR leader.

Danny Ferron

Principal, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP

HR service delivery model innovator. HR transformation architect. Employee experience manufacturer. Business outcome amplifier. Proud husband and father. Passionate soccer supporter.

Danny is a Principal in EY Global People Advisory Services. With a strong focus on HR transformation, he has played a crucial role in building EY HR transformation offering, methodology, tools and resources that EY teams use with clients around the globe.

Danny works with clients to help reimagine the delivery of people services globally, make the most of their investments in cloud technologies, utilize all forms of intelligent automation to manufacture professional capacity, reinvest in new and emerging people services and position the HR function as a horizontal enabler of business performance.

With over 18 years of human resources consulting experience, Danny helps clients deliver desired employee experiences at scale, get mountains of HR work done efficiently and galvanize the people points of vulnerability in organizational value chains. From culture to workforce planning, the future of HR is best seen in the people impact on business performance.

Danny holds a BSc in Human Resources Management and an MBA from Florida State University.

How Danny is building a better working world

Danny is building a better working world by helping HR leadership teams to focus on people outcomes that fuel long-term human value in the workplace (workforce experiences, purpose, engagement, inclusive leadership behaviors, culture, development, skill attainment, planning and insights).

By asserting shared accountability for the grey space (everyday work experiences) with the business, Danny is helping clients redefine the boundaries of HR and trading a vertical cost center for horizontal human value creation in the business. He hopes that the seeds planted today reach the tipping point and become the new normal when his three kids join the workforce professionally, in a decade or so.

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