Photographic portrait of Deepak tiwari
In today’s economy, reacting to change is not enough. The future belongs to organizations that invest time and effort getting ready for anticipated changes.

Deepak Tiwari

Managing Director, Digital & Emerging Technologies, Ernst & Young LLP

Transformational Inclusive leader. Passionate about building future tech leaders. Technologist. Mentor. Volunteer. Husband. Father. Cricket enthusiast.

Deepak is a leader in digital and emerging technologies where he helps financial services clients transform their businesses through the power of automation.

Deepak leads global teams that are passionate about solving greenfield complex challenges establishing a high-quality benchmark in the industry. He holds a Bachelor of Technology from Kurukshetra University, India.

How Deepak is building a better working world

Deepak believes in working proactively with clients while they are still trying to define the problem. Conversations at that stage allow open discussion with plenty of opportunities for brainstorming, and perspective sharing.

He enjoys building and cultivating a diverse workforce that drives execution for our clients from conception to results. Deepak has received a US vice chair recognition award for client centricity and exceptional client service.

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