Workforce Analytics

In a disrupted business landscape, it’s critical your workforce has the right size, shape, mix and capabilities. People analytics provides data-driven insight for workforce strategy and planning, so that talent can be managed and developed to deliver clear business outcomes.

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Workforce Analytics

Whether in the course of a change program or as part of business as usual, having day-to-day insight into workforce activities and sentiments can increase the reliability of your project timescales and support accurate reporting and effective management.

We can help you establish reliable and dynamic forecasting tools and methodologies that can provide near real-time data insights, informing regular action planning, reporting and ongoing program oversight.

Strategic Workforce Planning

To execute your business strategy, you need to have the right people, in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time and at the right price. To achieve that, you need informed and data-driven strategic workforce planning.

We can help your organization identify and set up systems to determine the workforce it needs to execute its strategy, fulfill its organizational vision and achieve its business goals.

Workforce Acquisition Strategy and Operating Model

Changing workforce environments are forcing organizations to rethink their permanent and contingent workforce management.

We can help you assess and redesign your business talent supply chain and workforce acquisition operating model and programs, increasing your organization’s ability to secure the right mix of workforce capabilities to achieve your business ambitions.

Talent Acquisition

Considering your people as part of an integrated business strategy can give you a competitive advantage by helping you get the right talent, with the right skills, for the right cost.

However, according to the Global Capital Confidence Barometer, 55% of employers are struggling to identify and hire people with the necessary skills.

Bringing together the right talent with the right capabilities and the right job opportunities is a crucial part of achieving organizational goals. The technology is increasingly available to help your organization do just that, by automating repetitive tasks, enabling your workforce to make more insight-driven decisions, and freeing up your people’s time to focus on the more human aspects of their jobs. 

We can help you to evaluate existing and future staffing needs, to identify growing skills gaps, and to choose and help implement technology to assess and screen candidates for skill and culture fit.

EY Skills Foundry™: workforce upskilling and reskilling platform

EY Skills Foundry is an upskilling and reskilling platform that builds the workforce of tomorrow, today.

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