Photographic portrait of Fuad Siddiqui

Fuad Siddiqui

EY Global 5G Industry and Emerging Tech Leader

Envisioning a climate-friendly future through technology-enabled cross-industry digitalization. Passionate about enabling a new era of human-industrial experiences.

Office Dubai, AE

As the EY Global 5G Industry and Emerging Tech Leader, Fuad is helping clients by unlocking new value through techno-economic foresight, challenging established thinking and advocating for inclusive and sustainable growth models.

Fuad is a widely published and globally recognized thought leader. He believes in a holistic approach to advising clients to optimally harness the transformational power of 5G and its ecosystem of enablers that can technologically augment industries to become hyper-productive, resilient and scalable.

Before joining EY, Fuad held various advisory and leadership positions across telecom and technology sectors. He brings more than 20+ years of experience spanning international markets, shaping industry growth agenda, advising TMT and enterprise sector clients on diversification strategies and how to win by capitalizing on the digital forces enabled by next technological revolution.

With the scale and scope of his expertise within and across EY service lines and its alliance partners, Fuad is on a mission to help clients forge new pathways for long-term value creation.

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