Photographic portrait of Veran Wong

Veron Wong

Partner, Consulting, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd.

Experienced internal audit professional. Keen interest in enhancing the value of risk management, governance and internal audit through the use of technology.

Veron is a consulting partner at Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. 

She has vast experience in internal audit, business processes, and financial and operational audits in various industries. More recently, she has been involved in third-party contract management reviews, helping organizations to fulfill their objectives in managing third parties to full efficacy.

Veron has international experience leading large-scale projects with a high degree of complexity for major clients across Asia, Oceania and Europe.

Veron has also led pre-IPO listing reviews for various corporations for the Hong Kong and Singapore exchanges.

She graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with a Bachelor’s in Accountancy.

How Veron is building a better working world

“In a world with many known and emerging risks, including those of third parties, helping clients to build a strong governance framework and an internal audit function that leverages technology is important. I am enabling them to not only protect their businesses but also enhance the value they can create, and through that, build a more trusted ecosystem.”

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