Photographic portrait of Vikram Khanna
Companies with boards and management teams engaged in innovation and digital topics are better positioned to benefit disproportionately from technological investments and increase market share.

Vikram Khanna

EY-Parthenon Asean Digital Leader; Partner, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP

Digital leader experienced in venture building. Passionate about innovative business models and emerging technologies. Avid cyclist and swimmer.

Vikram is EY-Parthenon Asean Digital Leader and a partner at Ernst & Young Solutions LLP. Experienced in digital consulting and delivery of transformative programs, he helps incubate and build new businesses in the telecom, media, health care, banking and energy industries.

He designs and sets up innovation engines as well as leads the development of digital strategies, digital due diligence and technology transformation for companies.

Previously, Vikram led advisory services in the Asia-Pacific region for a leading cloud service provider and served marquee clients at an international management consultancy. He was also the chief information officer for a leading health care provider and incubated startups.

Vikram holds a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a BA in Economics from Rice University, US.

How Vikram is building a better working world

“Socioeconomic disruptions, industry convergence, changing consumer expectations and other challenges are driving companies to define or rethink their digital strategies.

I help them develop innovative digital strategies with the aim of realizing long-term value for customers and other stakeholders. In addition, I work closely with them to implement scalable digital solutions that support sustainable growth. Through digital due diligence, I also help businesses understand the growth potential of digital assets to support investment decisions.”

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