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The rapid emergence of D2C strategies is reshaping the consumer goods industry. We can help you define where, when and how D2C can transform your business and implement better ways of using D2C to meet the changing needs of consumers.

What EY can do for you

Changing consumer expectations, new competitors and emerging technologies are rapidly disrupting the consumer goods industry. While there are now countless ways for brands to form direct relationships with shoppers, it’s hard to make these direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies work. They can easily become an unfocused, unprofitable or unscalable drain on resources. Some questions that consumer products companies need to consider:

  • What role do you want D2C to play in the future of your organization?
  • How do you balance D2C imperatives against the needs of the rest of your business?
  • What new operating models do you need to support a pivot to D2C?
  • What technologies, alliances and capabilities do you need to make a D2C strategy work?
  • How do you stay ahead of a consumer that is changing exponentially?

Solution benefits

Define and implement D2C strategies that enable you to deliver what the changing consumer wants today, and to innovate the products, services and experiences they will increasingly want tomorrow.

  • Define the role of D2C in your business
  • Innovate how you connect with your consumers through new experiences, capabilities and technologies
  • Grow D2C in a way that works for your organization

Solution features and functionality

EY has the end-to-end capabilities, tools and expertise as well as the technology partnerships to help you implement a full spectrum of D2C strategies.

  • Business strategy and operating model: Create a clear strategy and business model for D2C across your organization.
  • Customer experience: Deliver a seamless experience that exceeds expectations and captures powerful consumer data so you can anticipate change and quickly adapt to meet new expectations.
  • E-commerce: Capture new sales and consumers from all channels with the latest e-commerce technology.
  • Fulfilment and service: Provide exceptional service to consumers while also maximizing your fulfillment capabilities through improved inventory visibility, offering new services and overcoming delivery limitations.

Why EY

D2C isn’t just a channel, it’s a mindset. We can help you define where, when and how D2C can transform your business. Then we can bring the capabilities, tools and expertise it takes to make your D2C journey a success.

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