Global trade

Trade forms the backbone of the world’s economies, spurring investment, job creation, economic growth, and raising standards of living.

Global trade is being increasingly disrupted as tariff tensions, political unpredictability, protectionist policies and regulatory uncertainty challenge established business models and trade relationships.

The resulting inefficiencies were challenging when the trade environment was stable. But in our increasingly volatile times with COVID-19, Brexit as well as trade and political tensions at both local and global levels, the stakes are far higher.

Now should be a breakthrough era for international trade, as technological advances are making new forms of business possible, built on a foundation of data and insight. EY professionals can help you build an integrated approach by:

  • Shaping responses to changing global tariffs and trading relationships
  • Reducing cost, risk and delays from your trade network
  • Driving better insights through data
  • Reimagining your supply chain operating model
  • Leveraging technologies

EY Global Trade Updates

TradeFlash Global trade update

TradeFlash June 2024

Welcome to the newest edition of the TradeFlash newsletter, a roundup of the latest developments in global trade around the world.

In this issue, we provide links to EY articles and webcasts covering key trade topics, many of them focused on the impact of sustainability and data challenges on international trade. We also provide links to our articles such as  How can boards convert sustainability from a wish to a winning reality?  and How the government can accelerate better trade (via Australia)

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Tradewatch Global insights

TradeWatch Global Insights

The Global Insights section of our latest TradeWatch publication covers a wide range of trade topics and developments from around the world. On the agenda of this Issue 1, 2024: 

  • Top seven trade trends in 2024
  • How trade technologies and automation are transforming customs and trade functions
  • Report on the World Trade Organization’s 13th Ministerial Conference
  • The conflict between transfer pricing and customs valuation

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Tradewatch Americas insights

TradeWatch Americas Insights

Under our Americas chapter, focus is on:

  • Brazil: Implications of the tax reform on global trade
  • Mexico: IMMEX Program — the competitive edge
  • US: Latest CBP ruling addresses limitations surrounding customs business

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TradeWatch Asia-Pacific Insights

TradeWatch Asia-Pacific Insights

The Asia-Pacific chapter focuses on key issues, with the following articles:

  • Australia accelerates its transition towards paperless trade
  • Japan: 2024 tax reform changes to the customs law
  • New Zealand: Customs agency loses valuation case on the treatment of royalties for valuation purposes

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Tradewatch EMEIA insights

TradeWatch EMEIA Insights

Under the EMEIA chapter, authors focus on:

  • European Union: First vote on EU customs reform
  • India: Bureau of Indian Standards
  • South Africa: Transfer pricing adjustment rules
  • Türkiye: Removal of right to deduct import VAT

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In this edition of TradeWatch, we highlight some key sustainability topics and issues impacting the trade function, including:

  • EU and UK: Update on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms (CBAMs) 
  • Germany: Excise tax legislative developments related to packaging and meat products
  • Thailand: Incentives for production of battery-powered electric vehicles

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