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The EY NextWave Data Science Program runs a series of challenges open to data science students around the world. Do you have what it takes to compete to solve a real-life challenge?

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Congratulations to the four finalists across the globe of the first Data Science challenge in which more than 5,000 university students from around the world took part. The finalists were recognized for their achievements at the EY wavespace™ office in New York, winning a cash prize, EY badge and internship with their local EY office.

The participants used their modeling skills to work out how data can drive the development of smart cities. Analyzing a real-life data set taken from the city of Atlanta, Georgia, their findings enabled them to predict the density of population in the city center at a specific moment, based on the activity detected during the early hours of the day.

The winners were:

  • First place - Australia: Sergio Banchero (Argentina) – pursuing a master’s degree in Data Science at the University of Western Australia.
  • Second place - UK: Katherine Edgley (US) – pursuing a master’s degree in Computational Applied Mathematics, and Philipp Barthelme (Germany) pursuing a master’s degree in Statistics with Data Science, both at the University of Edinburgh in the UK.
  • Third place - Singapore: Chia Yew Ken (Singapore) - pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Technology and Design with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.
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  • See the full list of country / regional finalists.

    Country Student Name
    Australia Sergio Banchero 
    Australia Brett van der Nest 
    Australia Ranulph Harold  
    Australia Daniel Berumen 
    China Li Yifan
    China Changrong Xiao 
    China Ding Zhanlei
    China Huajian Li
    China Qijun Luo
    France Paul Laffon
    France Amine Bouayad
    France Vincent Pauwels 
    France Guillaume Dupont
    France Ulrich Silvere Goue Gnoleba
    France Kossi Neroma
    Hong Kong Logan Jeon
    Hong Kong Julie Shim
    Hong Kong Dennis Zheng
    Hong Kong Cuthbert Chow
    Hong Kong Yubao Lou
    Hong Kong Longyu Chen
    Hong Kong Minseok Oh
    Hong Kong Sehyun Choi
    Hong Kong Tun Yu Tang
    Hong Kong Zhongyu Yao
    Indonesia Christian Wibisono 
    Indonesia Ilham Firdausi Putra
    Indonesia Gilang Ardyamandala Al Assyifa
    Indonesia Deryan Tejasatya Lubis
    Indonesia Arno Alexander
    Indonesia Luthfi Mahendra
    Indonesia Kevin Muharyman Alhaafizh
    Indonesia Hamdi Ahmad Zuhri
    Indonesia Yeremius Pratama
    Indonesia Rizki Halasan
    Indonesia Adylan Roaffa Ilmi
    Ireland Matthew Dunlop
    Ireland Shahil Shaik
    Ireland Prateek Dixit
    Ireland Vinoth Babui
    Ireland Asjad August
    Malta Vitaly Volozhinov
    Malta Courage Agunu
    Poland Piotr Pawłowski
    Poland Rafał Pakoca
    Poland Adam Nowacki
    Poland Jacek Kowalówka
    Poland Jakub Pawłowski
    Singapore Chia Yew Ken
    Singapore Garen Kwan
    Singapore Tong Hui Kang
    Singapore Zheng Xingjian
    Singapore Muhammad Faiz Bin Rahamat
    Spain Konstantinos Karalivanos 
    Spain Demetris Perdikos
    Spain Guillermo Herranz
    Spain Ruizhe Yu Xia
    Spain German Garcia
    Spain Luis Ferrer
    United Kingdom Katherine Edgley
    United Kingdom Philipp Barthelme
    United Kingdom Jin Cong Ho
    United States of America Jen Sheng Wong 
    United States of America Meijuan Lu

Celebrating the Data Science Challenge

Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO, talks about the 2019 awards in this short video on LinkedIn.

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The EY NextWave Data Science Program demonstrates the commitment – in collaboration with academia and the brightest young minds in data science, engineering and computer science – to build a better working world.

The program aims to mobilize and encourage the large community of students – and future data scientists – at some of the world’s leading universities to compete in a series of business challenges and pursue a career in data analytics.

Winning contestants earn an EY badge for students, which publicly recognizes professionals who learn new skills in emerging technologies, such as data visualization, data science and artificial intelligence. Part of the EY Badges program, it is a way for students to develop skills that will help them in today’s working world, and gain visible recognition of their achievement.

New challenges that will allow students to help build a better working world are coming soon, so keep this page bookmarked for all the latest news.

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