Sustainability Managed Services

Sustainability Managed Services takes a value-led approach to sustainability reporting that helps you move beyond compliance to create competitive advantage.

What EY can do for you

Sustainability performance is integral to an organization’s overall business success. But that success depends on timely, accurate and reliable reporting, which is increasingly difficult to achieve because of emerging obstacles: regulation is evolving and expanding. The right technology and talent are expensive to maintain. And short-term compliance pressures make it hard to take a longer-term view of the value sustainability can bring to the business.

EY Sustainability Managed Services shifts your sustainability reporting from an approach focused on cost and compliance to one that is value led and creates competitive differentiation. Data-driven digital tools and deep insights allow you to harness sustainability as a driver of transformation, confident that our assurance and control experience will help reduce risks and costs while delivering better business outcomes including:

  • Data-driven insights that accelerate the impact of sustainability:
    High-quality, trusted data and business-relevant insights support leaders to make smarter, faster decisions that accelerate sustainable growth.
  • Brand advantage with investors and customers:
    Staying ahead of regulations and trends helps organizations get an edge on competitors – securing access to green finance, improving investor relationships and winning customers through a demonstrated commitment to sustainability.
  • Improved compliance certainty:
    When assurance is baked in to sustainability reporting, CSOs are free to build a more strategic function, confident they are meeting compliance and keeping ahead of change.
  • Cost optimization delivering long-term value:
    A connected, enterprise-wide approach to sustainability integrates data across multiple processes, unlocking cost and time savings.
  • Future-proofed value, while reducing risk:
    EY investment in technology, people and processes puts clients at the forefront of what’s possible in sustainability – ready to find new opportunities while minimizing risk.

The regulatory burden around sustainably reporting will only get heavier, as rules get tougher and expectations climb. Risks are increasing, not just of non-compliance but of losing competitive advantage to companies that take a more proactive approach to sustainability. CSOs who continue to take a short-term, manually based approach to risk will face difficult questions from leadership, regulators, stakeholders and consumers.

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By working with EY Sustainability Managed Services, organizations can benefit from our connected, data-driven approach, deep industry insight and a relentless commitment to creating value now and into the future. Together we’ll help you mitigate the risks of non-compliance, and find new opportunities. It’s your world, running on ours, better. 

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