Photographic portrait of Audry Ho
We are dedicated to assisting EY clients in achieving their long-term value and competitiveness by driving capital allocation and transaction strategy.

Audry Ho

EY Taiwan Strategy and Transactions General Manager

Seasoned M&A professional with over 200 successful deals amounted from USD 2M to 2B. Clients include listed and multinational companies, state-owned enterprises, private equities, and financial holdin

Areas of focus Strategy and Transactions
Office Taipei

Audry Ho is the General Manager of EY Strategy and Transactions Inc., she is experienced in M&A advisory for a wide range of clients include local listed companies, multinational con-glomerates, plastics, technology, financial holdings, and international private equities.

Audry has successfully completed over 200 M&A deals for companies in various industries, including a majority of transnational deals.

Audry holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

She is currently the Director of Taiwan Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Council.


How Audry is building a better working world

In addition to her professions in financial due diligence analyses, Audry also attributes her experience in accounting and corporate management to lead the team to provide clients with accounting consultations, transaction structure planning, and M&A advisory services.

By helping clients grasp opportunities for growth and expansion, Andry works with clients to build a better business world.

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