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Charlie Kao

EY Taiwan Advisory Services Managing Director

Risk management and AML professional with ACAMS. Experienced in risk control, compliance system and company's internal control enhancement. Enjoy reading and thinking in cool air along hiking trail.

Charlie Kao is the Managing Director of EY Business Advisory Services Inc. Taiwan, having knowledge in risk management, AML and compliance.

Given increasingly rigid risk control and compliance standards proposed by regulators, Charlie spearheads the implementation support of compliance and risk control infrastructure for various companies and transnational financial institutions.

Charlie has worked with several financial institutions prior to EY Business Advisory Services Inc.

Charlie is a graduate of Bachelor of Finance, Tamkang University.


How Charlie is building a better working world

Financial institutions are facing a more rigorous AML requirement in recent years. Being an ACAMS with knowledge on AML, Charlie has advised a number of financial institutions on AML/CTF and internal control mechanism aligning with global AML standards.

He also advised various financial holdings, banks and global insurance companies for FATCA and CRS implementation, coping with local regulations in different regions, to help ensure companies are on the same page as global financial market.

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