EY30 Baltics purpose – leading stories from our people

At EY our purpose  - Building a better working world, sets out why we exist as an organization and provides deeper meaning to what we do every day. Over the last 30 years, we have been an essential part of rebuilding, growing, and transforming our countries, businesses, and communities while developing the leaders of tomorrow.

We are commencing the celebration of our 30th anniversary in the Baltics and sharing purpose-leading stories from our people.

Jonas Akelis 
EY Baltics Managing Partner

“My personal purpose of betterment of the lives of others connotates with EY’s purpose very closely. That is probably why I have been here for 30 years and happy every single day,“ admits Jonas Akelis.

Guntars Krols
EY Baltics Strategy and Transactions Partner

 “About thirty years ago none of us could recognize or understand what is possible, what is not possible in life. And knowledge of what is possible was really the biggest change over those thirty years – every day recognizing all of the new things which are feasible, which are possible,” admits Guntars Krols.

Lise-Lota Imala
EY Estonia Tax Senior Associate

“Going forward for the Baltics, I would see more conversations about diversity and general acceptance of diversity. When we have conversations, people become people – you do not see them by their skin color, by their religion, by their ethnicity or sexual orientation or gender identity,” admits Lise – Lota Imala.

Annija Admidina
Consultant, EY Latvia Global Compliance and Reporting Consultant

“I am still looking for my purpose in life. But if I have to define myself, I would say that I am an explorer, not in the kind of way that goes on expeditions, not yet at least, but in a kind of way that I like to explore new things, new possibilities,“ admits Annija Admidina.

Sofija Celutkiene
EY Baltics Talent team leader

„ If I have to say what my purpose is in one sentence that would be turning chaos into order because I really enjoy building structures that help people to flourish,” admits Sofija Celutkiene.

Ranno Tingas
EY Estonia Tax Partner

 „We can contribute to actively creating a better world if we are active. It is always and everywhere, you can see it – it is in nature, in human relationships, in the world as a wider term and our active contribution can help to make the world a better place for everybody, admits Ranno Tingas.

Ints Mancass
EY Latvia Assurance Staff/Assitant

“I remember that my parents and grandparents fought for independence, but these days our generation needs to fight for values,” admits Ints Mancass. “When I think about the future, in my mind comes a quote from one of the greatest writers: “no times matter, people matter”. And that is what I want the Baltic societies to focus on – that people matter.”

Olesia Abramova
EY Estonia Assurance Partner

“We are going through a massive transformation right now – both country-wise and company-wise. EY is adopting new technologies, new ways of doing things, and trying to be more efficient. The countries are doing the same actually. We are helping them being more transparent, more smart in decision making and that is what I would like to see in the nearest future and beyond that,” admits Olesia Abramova.

Paulius Zostautas
EY Lithuania Consulting Assistant Manager

„Since I joined EY during my early university years, I had to reschape myself gradually – from being a student to becoming more of a mentor for other colleagues, younger or less experience than me. And I feel that making and creating this meaningful impact on others also contributes significanty to the better society“, admits Paulius Zostautas.

Diana Krisjane
EY Baltics Assurance Partner

“Wish that Baltic countries in the future are led by honest, professional, hard-working, and ambitious leaders. I believe that we are the organization for creating those leaders and I myself and the organization will proceed and will do everything that we can to make these new leaders for our economies,” shares Diana Krisjane.

Liene Dobele
EY Baltics Business Development, and Brand Marketing & Communications Leader

“Thinking about the future, my wish for Baltic societies is to use the strengths that we have, because we are small countries, but we are smart and strong people. I would like to see us building a society that is prosperous, tolerant, growing, and developing,” shares Liene Dobele.

Tiit Oidjarv
EY Estonia Consulting Manager

As I have worked with many other countries as well – Sweden and Netherlands, for example, then what I long for is for us to be able to utilize the collaboration between public and private better than we do. Because they somehow are able to do it, but there are some things to learn from us,” shares Tiit Oidjarv.

Linas Dicpetris
EY Baltics Consulting Leader

“ For me building a better working world is actually leaving a country that operates better than I found it and that provides a place for happier people and that motivates me very strongly. When I think about the future of the Baltics and each of the countries in the Baltics, I think I see a mix of the Nordic culture – that is a welfare state with a very proactive and very results-oriented, and very entrepreneurial Baltic culture that is sometimes bordering on risky behavior. And I think that a combination of these two would be the perfect scenario for this region,” shares Linas Dicpetris.