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How COVID-19 is disrupting immigration policies and worker mobility: a tracker

5 min. de citit 31 mar. 2020
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The EY global immigration tracker helps you monitor rapidly emerging mobility issues related to COVID-19.

Governments around the world are enacting emergency measures, including many affecting immigration, to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many of these policies may be temporary, they have the potential to have a lasting impact on mobility of people between countries and affect business for the foreseeable future.

Some of these measures include:

  • Entry restrictions and heightened admission criteria for certain populations (including prohibitions on entry from high-risk locations) 
  • Mandatory “stay home notices” and quarantine orders for newly admitted citizens, residents and visitors (whether in state facilities, hotels or private residences)
  • Temporary suspension (and in some cases, permanent cancellation) of existing visas issued prior to COVID-19 and suspension of issuance of new visas 
  • Introduction of heightened eligibility criteria and application requirements where visas are being issued (including suspension of visa waiver agreements and enhanced document requirements for new applications)

Because these announcements are happening so quickly, we have developed a tracker to help you remain up-to-date. The tracker will be updated regularly. Please click on the PDF to download the latest version.

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The EY COVID-19 immigration tracker provides regular updates on emerging immigration and mobility issues as governments react to the COVID-19 pandemic with border closings, travel restrictions and other measures.

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