Real-world strategy

At EY-Parthenon, we help CEOs reframe their future with real-world strategies today.

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Real-world strategy

With today’s pressure to make big changes fast, EY-Parthenon is a strategy consulting organization that can help you create a strategy that is both ambitious and actionable. Conceptual thinking, planning and beautifully designed presentations will not provide the answers if you’re not asking better questions. And those questions need to be anchored in the realities of your business and the rapidly changing external environment. By connecting teams and technologies from within EY-Parthenon and the broader EY ecosystem, we help CEOs design and deliver corporate, transaction and turnaround strategies that create long-term value.

EY-Parthenon is a global ecosystem of world-class leading strategic thinkers and multi-disciplinary executives working together to deliver strategy rooted in reality. Turning the aspirational into the operational and reframing your future with real-world strategy today.

    How EY-Parthenon can help

    We bring experience, scale and results to each of our clients, which allows us to help them design and deliver transformative strategies that build sustainable value. By combining the aspirational with the operational, the creative with the practical — we can help clients reinvent the now, reshape the next and reimagine beyond.

    Corporate and growth strategy

    We advise clients on developing corporate growth strategies by providing in-depth market, competitor and customer insights. We then help them implement their strategic plans by leveraging financial and operational perspectives from across their organization.

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    Transaction strategy

    We help clients realize their full potential through fast-tracked, better-informed decisions across the whole deal life cycle. We guide clients from M&A or divestment strategy, through planning, diligence, and integration or separation phases of transactions to build long-term value.

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    Turnaround strategy

    When your business needs results fast: we lead, collaborate and deliver. Whether a business is in crisis, restructuring or simply facing a financial or operational challenge, we work with stakeholders to rapidly create, preserve and recover value.

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        Four ways the manufacturing sector can improve corporate strategy

        To maximize investments and fend off competition, manufacturing and mobility executives expect to substantially reformulate their strategies.

        12 Mar 2021 Juan Uro

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        Pandemic-triggered changes in the life sciences ecosystem are shifting how C-suite executives develop and execute corporate strategy.

        2 Nov 2020 Arda Ural, PhD

        How energy companies can approach strategy to thrive amid change

        To continue to survive these times of uncertainty triggered by the pandemic, energy companies will need to adjust their long-term strategies.

        18 Feb 2021 Juan Uro

        How technology CXOs are changing strategy development and execution

        Executives at technology companies are revising their strategy formulation and execution in this era of accelerated disruption.

        6 Jan 2021 Barak Ravid

        Watch our latest video series on how CEOs can develop a strategy that is both ambitious and actionable. EY-Parthenon leaders discuss what’s coming next in the market and how deliver impactful results.

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