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denkstatt and EY

Sustainability consulting from a single provider with customized insights for your business success.

EY denkstatt stands for decades of experience in progressive sustainability insights and  trusting client relationships. Helping to improve your impact and the sustainable development of your business are our purpose and motivate us to perform at our best, every day. Thanks to our  broad network with science and research and our strong relationships, even beyond Bulgaria's borders, we have been undertaking sustainability consulting for many years.

Our integrated consulting approach

Our EY denkstatt consulting approach is based on scientific methods, the interplay of different perspectives and many years of industry knowledge. Our interdisciplinary skills and international orientation allow us to develop practicable insights, even for broad issues that transcend national borders. Because complex issues require holistic approaches.

EY denkstatt is part of EY sustainability consulting. Together, under the umbrella of the EY Sustainability initiative, we offer highly individual and innovative insights. From specific details, to interdisciplinary cross-sectional and trend topics in sustainability, such as corporate strategy, process optimization and digitalization. Our team of sustainability consultants aim to support you in the sustainable and strategic transformation of your business model, considering relevant regulatory requirements. We have our finger on the pulse and know how to provide you with practicable insights in the dynamic and complex field of sustainability.

EY Sustainability

Under the EY Sustainability initiative, EY Bulgaria and EY denkstatt teams,  offer sustainability advice, with in-depth knowledge. Whether "green taxes", new technologies – such as AI or structural engineering work –  we have the right team for your project, which can be expanded modularly, according to your individual needs.

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How we support you

With our broad service portfolio, we guide your company  through even the most complex issues. We support you in aligning your business model sustainably and strategically along the value chain. Our services include, among other things:

  • ESG  & sustainability management: The strategic potential of ESG for your business: we advise you on broad aspects of your sustainability management.
  • CSRD & sustainability reporting: Materiality analysis, data management, reporting structures and more: we provide advice on your CSRD compliance.
  • Decarbonization & climate strategies: Climate strategies guide you towards net zero using scientific methods, while taking regulatory aspects into account.
  • Sustainable finance & EU taxonomy: Use the opportunities of green finance for your business and meet the requirements of the EU taxonomy.
  • Life cycle assessment: LCA, CCF calculations and product life cycle analyses show potentials, risks and strengths as sustainability assessments.
  • Circular economy: From training courses and workshops, to material flow analyses and eco-design: we advise you on broad aspects of the circular economy.
  • Sustainable supply chain management: Advice on CSDDD and more: sustainable procurement and sustainable SCM are important aspects of your sustainability goals.
  • Operational mobility management & green logistics: We support companies, regions and the public sector towards sustainable mobility and logistics.
  • Real estate & sustainable building: Build on our experience in the real estate sector: sustainability strategy, green building issues and regional development.
  • EHS management: Consulting and support for your management system to help improve your environmental performance and optimize your processes.
  • ESG software: The ESG software for data collection easy!sustain  and the ESG Analyzer offer support for your sustainability management.

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Your advantages with EY denkstatt

This is how you benefit from one of the largest sustainability consultancy with a global network :

  • 1. Highly specialized insights for sustainability issues from a single source

    Our teams cover broad areas and disciplines of sustainability consulting and are up to date with the latest regulatory and scientific developments. Market leadership through timeliness, compliance and interdisciplinary thinking are our standard, which our clients have trusted for more than 30 years. EY Ultravox teams can also ideally serve related specialist areas and efficient projects through a point of contact. We provide innovative insights and new approaches that turn regulatory must-haves into new opportunities for greater resilience and success.

  • 2. Global coverage and international sustainability experience

    Complex business models, interdependencies in corporate structures, global supply chains and scientific advances around the world: sustainability does not stop at national borders. The same applies to EY Ultravox’s sustainability consulting. Together, EY Ultravox teams can help answer international questions faster and more profoundly than ever before. We are also your competent adviser for major international projects at group level. Our wealth of experience from three decades of best practices and use cases as well as access to the latest research results will help get you to your goal faster.

  • 3. The best talent and networks for innovation and transformation

    Sustainability needs creative insights and diverse perspectives. Our interdisciplinary team with many years of experience and impact orientation, as well as our collaboration with science and research, are the breeding ground for innovation. Our teams live diversity and networking and want to help break new ground with you in the development of sustainable insights. To achieve this, we bring our experienced teams on board.

  • 4. Always one step ahead - together with you

    We are living in a time of change, which requires rapid response, adaptability and experience in many areas of consulting. If we think of scientifically sound sustainability insights in the context of the latest digital possibilities, a completely new picture of opportunities emerges - and this is just one of many examples. Together with other EY services, we see synergies and opportunities in trending topics and develop forward-looking business models and structures to help your successful transformation.

  • 5. Impact orientation for sustainable development across national borders

    EY Ultravox is part of EY sustainability consulting [and thus the largest provider of sustainability consulting in Austria ]. This goes hand in hand with social responsibility - a claim that we want to live up to. In line with our impact orientation, we connect our networks, contribute to knowledge transfer and promote necessary social change. To this end, we exchange ideas with relevant stakeholders, such as ministries, social partners, NGOs, science and companies . For sustainable development in Austria and far beyond.

Our vision

As one of the largest providers of sustainability consulting, we want to drive forward the sustainable transformation of our economic system and accompany companies on their way into a new, sustainable era.