Enthusiastic about technology-related themes and focusing on the client.

Chen Wei Chi

EY Financial Services Innovation and Digital Transformation Partner

Chen's mission is to bring the digital transformation and innovation to the financial services clients in EY's Consulting practice. Along this journey, his priority has been to show the key role of focusing on client experience. He is highly experienced in consulting, especially in the areas of CRM, and channel and operating strategies, through services, such as Digital Channel Strategy Definition, Digital Operation Transformation, and Customer Experience Development. In addition, Chen has over 10 years of experience in the area of payments.

How Chen is helping to build a better working world:

“By bringing value to the lives of people, whether they are clients or employees. I always try to be caring and open to talking to everyone from the area. I believe in sharing knowledge and giving purpose to the engagements, as well as in working collaboratively, so that everyone can present their ideas. I seek to convey a sense of innovation that inspires people and makes them feel comfortable to think differently."

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