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Hear from EY people about the goals they’ve achieved, the skills they’ve developed and the experiences they’ve built as part of their own personalized career journey.

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"I’ve never been questioned on the projects or the clients I choose. Nobody stopped me, nobody questioned me on what I want to practice. That’s the true entrepreneurial spirit – and it requires immense trust."


Krati Laad
Consulting at EY

People are the heart of EY

The more digital the world becomes, the more we must value our uniquely human skills. It’s EY people all over the world, just like you, who through their ambitions, ideas, insights, innovation, collaboration, diversity and curiosity help us achieve the EY purpose of building a better working world. 

EY people make a difference not only to us, but to the thousands of clients we serve every day. Their knowledge and advice drives businesses forward in every sector — from automotive and retail, to health care and energy. Their words become ideas that get launched into the market. They make a difference to local communities. They help clients to navigate challenging issues. 

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Hear from Hannah whose work helped deliver individualized treatments to cancer patients.

Hear from Danielle whose work helped deliver new innovations for the gaming industry.

"I was sitting down with clients at the C-suite level at a time when my contemporaries at law firms were still doing research. I got to do a lot, very young in my career and that was incredible. To be a fly on the wall when the partner was explaining a concept. It was such an immersive way to learn."


Laura Parker
EY Tax

    EY Alumni

    We know today’s working world is fluid and interconnected, so whether you stay with EY long-term or not, the relationships and experience you gain here will serve you throughout your career. The EY alumni network connects past and present employees so that you can continue to share knowledge and experience. We’re better together.

    "Most of the things which I currently do and deliver are based on the competencies that I gained from EY."


    Alexander Shitov
    EY alumnus

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