Exit readiness and IPO

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To maximize investor returns at exit, begin with the end in mind.

What we can do for you

Our exit readiness approach is flexible and tailored. Using an engagement framework tailored to your business objectives, we guide you through potential capital-raising strategies and the organizational changes required to execute and sustain a successful IPO or alternative transaction.

We consider management experience, asset attributes, operational complexity and desired exit timing. By understanding the drivers that support an asset’s value, we help you communicate that story with maximum impact.

Whether your exit is a strategic transaction or an initial public offering, we help you enhance value, avoid surprises and increase credibility. Our “exit platform” approach has been honed over 10 years. It takes into account a series of variables and aligns them in a tailored action plan covering up to 18 months before the M&A process begins. The concepts are simple, and our team's experience enables superior execution.

Value enhancement

  • Implementation of and/or road map for revenue enhancement, margin improvement and greater capital efficiency
  • Supportable value story that is reconciled to financial statements and forecast
  • Reduced buy-side diligence time and cost can increase potential buyer pool

Accelerated closing that avoids surprises

  • More favorable post-close adjustments
  • Tax issues addressed early for shareholders, buyers and sellers
  • Identification of potential deal issues up front
  • Transparency promotes a smooth and efficient process

Disruptions limited

  • Comprehensive, self-service data room that streamlines buyer interaction
  • Rigorous preparation for buyers’ diligence performed up front – data scrubbed and questions anticipated
  • Management able to focus on running the business instead of the sale process

Enhanced credibility

  • Independent view of normalized earnings, financial data and forecast
  • Management strengths can be highlighted with clear, confident and consistent presentations and buyer interaction
  • Reputation enhanced through a well-executed deal

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