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EY can help you realize your ambitions by offering a radically different approach to connecting strategy, transactions, transformation and technology, where design and delivery inform each other at every step.

Your opportunity

The pace and scale of change in today’s world are increasing. From adapting to advances in technology, to the addressing climate change, complex challenges have emerged across the globe as well as previously unimagined opportunities.  

To keep up with changing markets and consumer expectations, leaders must display bold ambition and a commitment to putting humans at the center of their plans for reinvention. Organizations that harness technology, data and experienced teams to drive accelerated transformation, will earn the potential to unlock unprecedented levels of growth and long-term value creation.

Why EY?

EY and EY-Parthenon reimagine the most critical components of your organization, from workforce to operations, technology to customer, delivering innovation across the value chain and providing a 360-degree perspective from design to delivery.

This includes specialist capabilities such as M&A, tax, cybersecurity and legal, to cover all the broader business, operational and financial implications. We also give you access to our powerful alliances and broader global ecosystem.

The EY culture of teaming helps support clients on their entire journey, from strategy that works in the real world through to transformations that realize value and get the job done.

Better outcomes

This is:

  • The thinking that built hospitals from the ground in record time.
  • The technology know-how that accelerated payments for entrepreneurs from months to minutes.
  • The innovation that enabled a major global technology company to establish itself at the forefront of Al-driven healthcare through acquisition.
  • The insight that embedded sustainability and purpose into the strategy of a global biopharmaceutical company.
  • The knowledge to help an energy company dispose of its oil refineries and transform into a renewable energy company.
  • The experience that helped a pharmaceutical company acquire a new distribution chain which enabled them to redesign their business model.

Case studies

Fashioning a sustainable future for an online clothing retailer

EY has helped fashion retailer ASOS to identify opportunities to unlock value, making it more resilient and better prepared for the future.. Learn more.

16 Nov 2023 Silvia Rindone

How a cosmetics giant’s transformation strategy is unlocking value

Shiseido, the largest Japanese beauty company, is reimagining its functions, processes and systems to create a global operating model. Learn more.

13 Sep 2023 Nobuko Kobayashi + 3

Case study: How smart technology helped Fiserv accelerate M&A strategy

Multi-billion-dollar mergers are fraught with complexity, but smart digital platforms can accelerate your deal strategy from design to delivery. Learn more.

30 Mar 2022 EY Global

How a Nordic SaaS player unlocked potential in a global lockdown

A bold strategy and deep, multi-disciplined M&A experience turned “it can’t be done” into a sale that facilitated outstanding outcomes. Learn more.

19 Apr 2021 Eric Sanschagrin

How the last financial crisis has driven improved resilience of banks

Banking insolvencies during the 2008 financial crisis highlighted areas that needed strengthening in the wider banking regulatory framework. Learn more.

12 Apr 2021 Simon Edel + 2

Why people and tech are the fuel for customer-centric transformation

The benefits of the major transformation program undertaken by TNB, while working with EY, could be achieved across many other sectors.

06 Feb 2021 Philip Rao + 2

Keeping health systems resilient during the COVID-19 outbreak

EY helped Providence respond rapidly to COVID-19, scaling their telehealth services and equipping them with tools to stay resilient.

27 Aug 2020 H. Mallory Caldwell

How blockchain helped a gaming platform become a game changer

Microsoft Xbox and EY implemented a transparent blockchain network so game publishers, creators and asset owners can focus on the future.

20 Apr 2020 Deep Ghumman + 2

A shining example of green energy in Morocco

We worked with the Moroccan Government in its efforts to build an innovative solar plant that will work far into the night.

26 Jun 2019 EY Global

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