More important than the values we measure are the values with which we measure

Luiz Covo

EY | Latin America South | Consulting | Digital Data & Analytics Regional Leader
Areas of focus Consulting

As an Analytics and Digital Data leader, Luiz works as a solutions architect, merging the specific knowledge of EY in different sectors and the use of emerging technologies – artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data and automation – to improve the results for each client.

With a vision that is always oriented to business, Luiz led countless projects that apply advanced analysis to solve a broad range of business issues, such as sales forecasts, pricing analysis, price optimization models and salesforce effectiveness analysis.

Merging technology and applied mathematics, he knows how to select, integrate and use the best proprietary and open code technologies, according to the needs presented.

Luiz has also led the Data Science and Big Data teams in one of Brazil's largest e-commerce companies, where he was responsible for building a complex Big Data environment and leading the development of AI models for areas, such as recommendation of products, dynamic pricing, sales forecast and media attribution models.

How Luiz is helping to build a better working world:

"By innovating in the application of emerging technologies at our clients and leading the construction of digital solutions in which the man-machine interaction is dedicated to building a better world.”

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