Photographic portrait of Yamin Gröninger
A better working world is a world with constant transformation, which needs shapers who challenge status quo, doers who make things happen and warriors who protect the progress and results of change.

Yamin Gröninger

EY EMEIA Financial Services Business Development Leader

A people-centric leader. Passionate about encouraging teams to be the best version of themselves. Helps clients thrive in the industry.

Yamin is the EY EMEIA Business Development Leader for Financial Services and a member of the Regional Leadership Board.

She has held a number of insurance-focused leadership roles across innovation, technology and digital transformation. She was the EY EMEIA Insurance Innovation Lead, the Insurance Consulting Lead and head of the markets function for Financial Services, Ernst & Young AG, before stepping up to the regional leadership role.

She boasts extensive international experience from working at a world-leading media group and a top-tier strategy consultancy before joining EY. She is well-recognized in the insurance market as a go-to person for digital transformation; an innovator; and a sparring partner for clients to explore strategic options, co-develop digital business models and navigate toward leadership merits.

She holds an EMBA degree from INSEAD with distinction, a Master of Economics degree from the University of Freiburg, Germany, and studied Economics at Shanghai Fudan University, China.

How Yamin is building a better working world

“I am a shaper who is passionate about driving innovation in the insurance industry. I support my clients in exploring the possibilities in digital world, experimenting new business models, and implementing changes across the value chain. I am a doer who gets things done hands-on as well as by engaging people around their purposes. I am a fighter who is willing to take a battle for defending what is right for my clients and teams, in a smart way that works in the respective cultures. By shaping, doing, and fighting for the right things, we are helping to enable the world for more considered risk-taking and eventually, for more value-creation.”

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