EY Strategy Edge: business intelligence platform

Our cloud-based platform generates actionable insights from broad data sources to answer your most strategic questions.

EY Strategy Edge draws upon generative AI and EY industry experience to provide a 360-degree view of growth, risk and resilience considerations at the heart of your strategic planning. It helps you to make better informed decisions around capital strategy and M&A by surfacing answers to vital deal lifecycle questions around market scanning, disruption opportunities, competitor analysis, and distressed asset monitoring.

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Identifies opportunities and risks

It takes a broad view of long-term value drivers and disruptions, and visualizes competitors’ strategies.

Recognizes disruptive business models

It provides a global ecosystems view of firms driving tech disruption by highlighting relevant investments and trends.

Explores where to invest

It scans the market for new and existing players to identify targets strategically prioritized to suit your business.

With EY Strategy Edge, you can trust the actionable insights derived from AI-powered advanced analytics applied to diverse data sources.

Target Scan

Target scan

It unlocks growth by identifying potential opportunities for investment and partnerships.

Analyzes transaction and deal trends.

Identifies where to invest to transform your business.

Ecosystem review

It identifies your industry’s changing investment landscape and new business models by analyzing an ecosystem of players across the value chain.
Ecosystem Review
Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis

It provides a real-time, multidimensional view of competitors, including subsidiaries, investments and co-investors.

Analyzes peer companies in a particular industry or technology area.

Maps the investment flow and strategies of direct competitors.

EY Strategy Edge

Discover how EY Strategy Edge can help address your most strategic questions in a way that best suits your needs.

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EY Strategy Edge factsheet

Dive into the details of how EY Strategy Edge can deliver business intelligence to answer your most strategic questions.

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