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How we are creating long-term value for people

By EY Global

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5 minute read 17 Dec 2019
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Now more than ever we need extraordinary people from diverse backgrounds to help clients move into the next wave of disruption. 

To address clients’ toughest challenges, we are evolving how we recruit, retain, support and develop EY people. This means that while we will continue to hire accountants, tax lawyers and consultants, we are increasingly recruiting from a much wider pool of talent.

Today there are more than 45,000 EY people with technology backgrounds and AI scientists, mathematicians and cryptographers are among EY teams as well as more than 20,000 data specialists.

Just as importantly, we work hard to ensure that all EY people, whatever their skillset, have the career guidance and tools – like clear and transparent career frameworks, a variety of career options, inspiring experiences and personalized learning and rewards – to build careers as unique as they are.

Investing in providing long-term value for EY people is a vital part of our strategy. We believe that giving people access to the most relevant and in-demand skills through initiatives like EY Badges increases their career value and professional visibility, and equips them with the right skills and experience to respond to the changing needs of EY clients. 

However, without uniquely human traits like creativity, authenticity, connectivity, empathy and curiosity,we can’t build a better working world.That’s why building an agile workforce means that we also invest significantly in non-technical learning.

We expect people to learn, of course, during internships, on the job and through formal training but we place just as much emphasis on valuable experiences that will stretch their leadership abilities. These experiences can include short- and long-term international secondments, moving between service lines, and opportunities afforded by EY Ripples.

Through a broad range of experiences and programs, as well as a new leadership model that puts EY people at the center, we can nurture and develop behaviors that help EY people lead and inspire those around them – at EY and beyond.

And diversity is also a vital part of the EY strategy, because getting the right mix of people is crucial to innovation. We empower an exceptional experience for all EY people, but it’s theirs to build. By providing all EY people with the opportunities to develop new skills, take on challenging projects, and encouraging an agile, growth-oriented mindset, we are developing transformative leaders who are purpose-driven and bring out the best in themselves and others.

Today there are more than 45,000 EY people with technology backgrounds and AI scientists, mathematicians and cryptographers are among EY teams as well as more than 20,000 data specialists.

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    Future-facing skills

    Digital credentials to differentiate in the market.

    Today’s fast-changing world means that we can’t just rely on periodic training and traditional work experience to keep people up to speed. EY Badges lets EY people earn digital credentials in skills that differentiate them in the market, such as data analytics, AI, data transformation and information strategy.

    EY Badges builds on a commitment to equip EY people with the necessary skills to solve complex problems, lead the highest performing teams and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. 

    This year more than 13,000 EY Badges were earned and more than 50,000 initiated, with data visualization and RPA (robotic process automation) among the most earned badges to date. Overall approximately US$530m was invested into training this year and more than 14m formal hours of learning was completed, on top of experiential development and structured mentoring.

    Formal learning and skills development

    EY Badges earned


    EY Badges were earned and more than 50,000 initiated – data visualization and RPA (robotic process automation) were among the most earned badges.

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    Chapter 2

    Tapping into a global marketplace for talented people

    Bringing in hot skills.

    We continue to expand GigNow, the online portal that sources and matches qualified contractors with projects at EY and on-boards them quickly so they can begin making valuable contributions right away.

    With GigNow, we're tapping into a global marketplace of people who are looking for flexibility, enabling EY, in turn, to be able to bring in hot skills in the areas of cyber, digital, robotics and blockchain. Today GigNow is live in 35 countries and 36,000 people are registered in the platform.

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    Chapter 3

    A leading employer

    Ranked by Universum and Great Place to Work.

    We are a leading employer with a combined number of more than 284,000 people in more than 150 countries. This year more than 69,000 client-serving people joined EY from among 2 million global applicants – one person every eight minutes, 365 days a year.

    We are proud that once again we were named the #1 professional services employer for the fourth consecutive year in Universum’s 2019 “World’s Most Attractive Employers” annual ranking – moving up one place on 2018 to become the second most attractive employer overall. We were also ranked #1 out of the Big Four on Universum’s new global ranking for the World’s Most Attractive Employers “D&I Index”.

    We were also named and moved up 12 places to 7th place in the 2019 Great Place to Work (GPTW) “World’s Best Workplaces” list. Organizations ranked on the list are judged as having excellent policies and practices that support a culture of trust, and this is the fifth consecutive year EY has been named on the list.

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    Chapter 4

    One million alumni

    Nurturing leaders at EY – and beyond.

    Strong relationships are key to EY – it’s what underpins our high-performing teams delivering exceptional service for clients. And EY alumni are some of the most important relationships we have.

    The EY Alumni network, an on- and off-line community that is active in more than 70 countries, helps connect all of these EY people, past and present, to more opportunities, more resources and more of the people that they need to know for the future.

    Today you can find EY alumni – more than one million around the world – in every sector: as entrepreneurs, academics, corporate leaders and working in charitable organizations and government agencies. Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.


    We enable our extraordinary and diverse people to build careers as unique as they are, by ensuring they have access to the most relevant and in-demand skills, as well as valuable experiences that will stretch their leadership abilities.

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