Realizing the promise of technology at EY

At EY, we believe technology is accelerating human enterprise, transforming what business can be and people can do to build a better working world.

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EY believes technology should enable and empower change, unlocking the human strengths of adaptability, empathy and trust, and capitalizing on diversity.

EY lives this commitment through our collaboration with leading technology companies, our investments in emerging technologies, and our collaborations with industry leaders on critical transformation programs.

Throughout history, machines have largely been used to improve efficiency. But, to drive growth, every business needs imagination and innovation.

Specifically, the challenge is to be creative in reimagining how to use technology to generate fresh opportunities, value and growth. The real skill isn’t in developing technological solutions; it’s in identifying what people can do differently and then finding the best ways to deliver value to them.

For businesses, the keys to technology innovation are:

  1. Freeing up time for people to focus on innovation
  2. Diverse, inclusive teams that are empowered to challenge different points of view
  3. Leveraging emerging technologies to introduce new, better ways of working
  4. Actively augmenting human decision making
  5. Igniting fresh growth

EY offers high-value specialist capabilities and strategic advisory services across the full spectrum of technology – from technology consulting to sector-specific services for the technology industry, from guidance on the latest emerging technologies to our own deployment-ready technology assets and platforms.

Technology consulting

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