Photo of Daniel Karlsson, EY
A great digital employee experience (DEX) is key to productivity and the overall workplace experience.

Daniel Karlsson

Associate Partner, Technology Consulting, EY Sweden

A technologist specializing in solving business challenges using emerging technology. Always looking for what’s next and how it can create value. Proud nerd and parent of two.

Daniel is an Associate Partner within Digital and Emerging Technology, specializing in the Modern Workplace. He is responsible for ‘Bytes’ part of the ‘Bricks, Bytes and Behaviors’ methodology in the EY Nordic regions.

Daniel has been working in a select few consulting companies since 1995 in various roles such as Director of Technology, Vice President and Partner.

Daniel started his career as a developer and solution architect and maintains a strong interest in that field.

How Daniel is building a better working world

Daniel is always looking for ways to improve the workplace, on how to remove obstacles and make the experience as smooth as possible. Enabling happier and more productive employees and building a more sustainable and better working world makes Daniel smile.

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