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Featured How can slowing climate change accelerate your financial performance? 2 Nov 2022
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    Transformation realized

    How transformations with humans at the center can double your success

    EY teams and the University of Oxford explore the emotional cost of failed transformations and what it takes to get them right.

    24 Jun 2022 Errol Gardner


    How can corporate reporting bridge the ESG trust gap?

    The EY Global Corporate Reporting and Institutional Investor Survey finds a significant reporting disconnect with investors on ESG disclosures.

    11 Nov 2022 Tim Gordon

    Power and utilities

    When energy hits home, will providers be left out in the cold?

    Amid disruption, energy is now a personal priority for consumers, with major implications for energy providers that risk being left behind.

    29 Nov 2022 Greg Guthridge

    Wealth and asset management

    Can resilience shape a shifting landscape?

    Investors remain interested in alternative funds, and managers focus on traditional strengths while responding to market opportunities.

    15 Nov 2022 Natalie Deak Jaros


    Top 10 risks for telecommunications in 2023

    As the telecoms industry strives to stay resilient through challenging times, we examine the top 10 risks facing operators.

    30 Nov 2022 Tom Loozen

    How your corporate strategy can deliver both growth and sustainability

    Beyond just increasing business value, CEOs must prove to stakeholders that they are delivering sustainably.

    18 Nov 2022 Andreas von Buchwaldt

    How emerging technologies can usher in the dawn of pervasive intelligence

    “Pervasive intelligence” will emerge through a massively distributed digital connectivity and cloud fabric, transforming our economy.

    27 Oct 2022 Fuad Siddiqui

    Latest news

    Companies with Best Equality Scores Announced in March

    The SHE Index – Powered by EY tool, available in Finland for the first time, helps companies to measure the implementation and development of equality and inclusion. The survey is free of charge and open until February 20. The best-performing companies will be announced at the SHE Conference on March 30.

    2 Feb 2022

    EY aims to inspire 100,000 girls in 2022 to pursue a career in STEM with free mobile app

    LONDON, 18 JANUARY 2022. EY today announces that the EY STEM App will be rolled out to in an additional seven countries, following a successful pilot in the US and India.

    18 Jan 2022 London GB

    New Index to Drive Diversity and Inclusion in Companies

    The SHE Index – Powered by EY tool helps companies to measure the implementation and development of equality and inclusion. The index is now available for Finnish organizations for the first time.

    9 Dec 2021 Helsinki FI


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